Zakk Irius (ザック・イリウス, Zakku Iriusu) is a Mafia member who approaches Soichiro Yagami at Narita Airport in Tokyo and flies with him to the United States.


Irius has long blond hair and keeps his bangs parted. He wears a black suit with a red tie.


After the Mafia demands the Death Note as ransom for Sayu's life, the Japanese Task Force makes plans to take separate flights from Tokyo to Los Angeles. Irius approaches Soichiro at the airport and calls Mello, who orders him to hurry and catch Flight SE333, one of the last flights the Mafia has prepared. As they rush off, Hideki Ide follows them to Gate 18 and watches them board the plane. Shuichi Aizawa is already on board and is alarmed but silent when he sees Soichiro. Soichiro and Irius sit in seats 44-G and 44-H, respectively, where Aizawa, from seat 37-B, can keep an eye on them throughout the flight.

On the plane, Irius gives Soichiro an earpiece through which he can hear a message from Mello informing him of the terms of trading the notebook for Sayu. After the aircraft lands in the desert, Soichiro gets out, and Irius continues flying to Los Angeles. The Mafia writes his name in the Sidoh's Death Note when the flight lands, and he dies of a heart attack.

In other mediaEdit

In the anime, Irius is spotted at the airport and followed by Aizawa. He and Soichiro board SE333 at 1:05 pm with no other members of the Task Force on board. Instead of being killed by the Mafia, Irius is killed later when Light writes the names of several Mafia members, including Irius, in his Death Note.


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