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What's wrong, Daddy…? …Mommy, Daddy's crying.

— Yumi Aizawa ("Chapter 40")

Yumi Aizawa (相澤由美, Aizawa Yumi) is the daughter of Shuichi and Eriko Aizawa.



Yumi before the timeskip

Yumi is a young girl with short, chin-length brown hair and brown eyes.


She first appears walking in the park with her mother and baby sibling. She notices her father sitting on a park bench and points him out to her mother. Aizawa is brooding over having just left the Japanese Task Force. Yumi approaches him, and he informs her that he is taking time off.

An excited Yumi asks if this means he will be home now, and he says that he will. He picks her up and tells her that now he can spend more time with her and can do things like take her to the zoo and the amusement park (possibly Space Land), before breaking down into tears.

After the time skip, Yumi appears when Aizawa is contemplating whether or not Light Yagami is Kira, saying that she was studying and telling her father not to struggle so much.