Yoshida Productions is an acting agency that manages Misa Amane's career as a model and actress.


Misa is already working with the agency when she is arrested by the Japanese Task Force, which has evidence that she is the Second Kira. To prevent panic and provide a cover for the arrest, her manager, Yoshi, is also arrested on false accusations of drug possession. Circumstances lead to Misa being released under a form of house arrest, by which she can resume her career but is constantly escorted by members of the Task Force, including Touta Matsuda and Kanzo Mogi, who pose as Yoshida Productions managers under false names.

Yoshida Productions plays an important role in uncovering Kyosuke Higuchi as the Yotsuba Kira. When he believes that he is about to be exposed by one of their managers, he also discovers that the manager is working under a false name. He calls the head of Yoshida Productions for access to his offices where files on employees are stored. Watari intercepts the call, however, and gives Higuchi access to the offices where the Task Force had installed hidden cameras in order to see how he commits murder from a distance.