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This is the Yagami Family's house where Light first uses the Death Note and meets many other characters for the first time.


In the anime and manga, it is located in the Kanto region of Japan. In the live action film series, it is located within the city of Tokyo.


Yagami lounge

The family often seen together in the living room.

The House would seem to be of a normal middle class Japanese family household with spacious rooms and enough for all members. It is also within walking distance of a train station.


Light Yagami finds the Death Note and takes it back to his household with him. It is here, in Light's Bedroom, where he first tests the Death Note on the criminal Kurou Otoharada. Light had been watching a live hostage situation on his TV in his room, and learns of the tormentor's name being "Kurou Otoharada". Light writes "Kurou Otoharada" in the Death Note while sitting at his room desk. After 40 seconds, he watches hostages run out of the building unharmed on his TV. The Death Note killed the criminal of a heart attack, the power of the Death Note is first proven to Light here.

Ryuk later appears to meet Light inside Light's very own home. It is here where Ryuk explains all about the Death Note and Ryuk's reasons for dropping it in the Human World to tackle his boredom.

As time goes on Light eventually plans a way to hide the Death Note from being found by the authorities or anyone else, all within the comfort of his own home. Light rather professionally alters his desk to house a specially altered drawer trap that will explode and destroy the Death Note if it is ever tampered with.

Ls surveillance cameras

L's surveillance cameras observe Light from within his own house.

Further on when Light is finally suspected of being Kira by L, L orders surveillance cameras to be installed into the Yagami Household to spy on Light to try and discover how Kira may kill people. With the help of Ryuk being able to look through solid objects (being a Shinigami), Ryuk informs Light that there is a total of 64 cameras installed inside Light's bedroom, as well as where they are all located and their direction sights. Light manages to later continue being Kira and defeat the views of the cameras by having a piece of the Death Note concealed inside a packet of potato chips, and using his back to block any slight of him using the Death Note. This plan succeeds and L later is made to withdraw the cameras from the household.

Much later in time after this, the Yagami household is where Light first meets Misa Amane in person. Misa comes over to the Yagami household with Rem to meet Light to reveal that she is the second Kira. Light discusses with Misa how to go about avoiding L.

Eventually Light moves out of his home after L's death, and moves in with Misa, where they both operate as Kira without family to interrupt.

It is shown that Sayu continues to live with her mother after being rescued from the mafia. She is in a traumatized state, being confined to a wheelchair and to be taken care of by her mother.