Y462 is an unnamed member of the Mafia. He conducts a trade with Soichiro Yagami, exchanging Sayu Yagami for the Japanese Task Force's Death Note.


Y462 is first shown wearing a gimp mask and a white suit with a dark-blue dress shirt and yellow tie. When he removes the mask, he reveals a short crop of blond hair.


Y462 first appears in an underground bunker where Sayu is locked between glass doors. He fires his gun several times at her, proving the bulletproof glass cannot be tampered with. After explaining to Soichiro how they will conduct the trade, Soichiro puts the Death Note within his reach. He kills Miller to ensure the notebook is real, and after receiving confirmation from Mello, he unlocks the glass doors and frees Sayu. Afterward, he kills Zakk Irius, who escorted Soichiro to the United States, and Kyle Block, the pilot of Flight SE333, in order to eliminate all links to the Mafia.

Rod Ross falsely promises Y462 that if he succeeds with the exchange, his past failures will be forgiven. After Y462 places the Death Note in a missile and takes off separately in a helicopter, on Ross' order, Jack Neylon detonates the aircraft and kills Y462.