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"When Love Comes", alternatively "Foolish Love", is a song in Death Note: The Musical.


After Misa Amane has been in confinement for several days, she asks Rem to kill her. As an alternative to dying or breaking under L's pressure, Rem suggests giving up ownership of the Death Note and losing her memories instead. Misa accepts, and after Rem takes her memories, Misa passes out. Rem sings this song to lament that Misa has forgotten her as well, admitting to herself that she loves her.

English version[]

The song was originally written in English with the title "When Love Comes".[1][2] The English demo was recorded in December 2014 and released online in 2015 by HoriPro as part of the advertisement for the Musical's Tokyo production.[3]

English lyrics
Musical Korean 2015 Rem and Misa 2

Rem and Misa during "When Love Comes" (Seongnam, 2015)

People always talk about it
I have always lived without it
Never understood its magic spell

It can take your breath away or
So that's what the poets say
Guess they outta know but who can tell

Never believed that anything could feel this true
Don't see it coming till it's standing right in front of you

When love comes
It takes you by surprise
You see things
Through someone else's eyes

When love comes
You'll never be the same
It scares you
Still you hope it stays forever
When love comes

Finally there's someone to cry for
Someone I will gladly die for
Someone who is all the way alive

Can't believe the peace I'm feeling
Almost like it can't be real
Even if I die, love will survive

Funny the things the human heart will put you through
Don't see it coming till it's standing right in front of you

When love comes
It catches you off-guard
So easy
Don't notice it's alive

When love comes
It happens way too fast
You hope you make the moment last forever
When love comes

You're the only part of me I'm certain will live on
All I ask of you is to remember love is never gone

When love comes
Don't let it slip away
Just hold on
And treasure everyday

When love comes
It struggles to belong
Don't fight it
Share a kiss and then surrender
When love comes

When love comes

Russian version[]

The Russian title of the song is "The Magic of Love" (Магия любви, Magiya lyubvi).[4]

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