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Wedy (ウエディ, Uedi) is a professional cat burglar under the employment of L.


Wedy has shoulder-length blonde hair and a curvy figure. She wears sunglasses and bare-shouldered tops with long, black leather pants and sometimes a leather suit. She is usually seen smoking a cigarette.


Like L and Watari, Wedy also uses an initial in her computer communication. In order to avoid confusion with Watari ("W") she deliberately uses the lowercase "w."


The second daughter in the Kenwood family, Wedy is also an expert with surveillance. She and Aiber were invited in the Japanese Task Force, and she installs bugs in the Yotsuba Group's meeting room to secretly eavesdrop on the group's weekly meetings. She does the same for Kyosuke Higuchi's various cars, allowing the team to watch his desperate attempts to kill Touta Matsuda. Soichiro Yagami protected her when Higuchi took out his revolver and shot at her when he was cornered at the Sakura TV. After L's death, Light Yagami writes her name into the Death Note. She dies on January 10th in a traffic accident in Colorado. In the anime version, she seems to suffer a heart attack while driving her motorcycle, causing her to crash and die as her motorcycle swiftly misses a black cat nearby. Only her name, and not details of her death, is shown written in the Death Note.



Light writes Wedy's real name in the Death Note

According to Takeshi Obata, he drew Wedy as a female model as he did not know what kind of character she would be. He added that Wedy has the "stereotypical female spy look." Obata believes that if he drew Aiber and Wedy to look "a little bit more original," Tsugumi Ohba could have included the characters in a larger role in Death Note. Ohba said that he created Aiber and Wedy so he could use characters with "special abilities" to advance the storyline. He said that he wanted to use Wedy more than Aiber. As an example he explained a scenario involving Light controlling Wedy, making her place cameras in the headquarters "so Misa could see L's face or something".


  • Viz's official English release of Death Note 13: How to Read spells her name as "Merrie" instead of "Mary."
  • As seen in Guidance, her name is displayed as "Weddy" on L's computer screens.


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  2. This is an accurate conversion of her height. Viz's official English release incorrectly gives her height as 5'6" instead. See Death Note 13: How to Read for more information.