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This page is for the alias. For the character, see Watari.

That man's the only known person who can contact L. Nobody knows his identity, either.

Soichiro Yagami ("Confrontation")

Watari is an alias used by a few characters in the Death Note series.


Watari is the right-hand man of whoever the current L is. He acts as a handler for well. The original Watari was Quillsh Wammy, who saw the potential of the original L and decided to stay at his side.

Watari is known to the public as the only person to have direct contact with L. Like L, Watari's identity is also a mystery to the public. Some Wataris choose to make public appearances, whereas others work from the shadows.

List of Wataris[]

1. Quillsh Wammy was the original Watari. Wammy was a well known inventor and the founder of a multitude of orphanages, one known as the Wammy's House. While originally a normal orphanage, when Wammy discovered a gifted young orphan named L, that eventually changed. L became a renowned detective, and Wammy's eventually became an orphanage for gifted children who could be potential successors of L. Wammyleft his position in the orphanage and dedicated his life to working at L's side.

Watari was known to the public, occasionally making public appearances on L's behalf, though he was always disguised. No one knew his true identity, despite Wammy being a public figure.

2. Light Yagami became the second L, but he did not appoint someone to become Watari. Instead, Light acted as Watari as well, occasionally pretending to be him and acting as his "assistant", talking to people as him before connecting him to "L". Unlike the original Watari, Light made no public appearances.

3. Roger Ruvie was a friend of Quillsh Wammy, even taking his position as the head of Wammy's House when he left. After Near became the new L, Ruvie once again took up his old friend's position, becoming the new Watari.