Warning (警告, Keikoku) is the second chapter of volume ten and eighty-first chapter of the Death Note manga series.


Light is pondering on what exactly to do next. In case of an emergency, Light begins to look for people that he could give the Death Note to in order to curtail suspicion of him. He finds a 27-year old prosecuting attorney named Teru Mikami who believes Kira is God. Light thinks of him as a perfect choice. Meanwhile, Aizawa is still having second thoughts about the Light Yagami after what Near said. Finally, Near gets into contact with Light. He tells Light that Mogi has died of a heart attack. However, he is lying because Mogi is in the building with his mouth taped shut. Now, Light is panicking because the other members now have grounds to newly suspect him as Kira. He has to get Misa to give up the notebook, and let go of the memories of her being Kira. However, the killings must not stop. Near ends the phone call by inviting anyone who suspects that a member of the Japanese Task Force is Kira to call him with their suspicions. Aizawa decides that he will call Near. Immediately, Light orders Misa to give up ownership of the Death Note and send it to the address he specified. Then, he lets Near and any member of the investigation team know that if they want to contact Near, they are free to do so.

Aizawa calls Near and asks him to come to where he is under the condition that he tells no one about his actions. When Aizawa agrees, Near admits to him that Mogi is really alive and asks if he wants to talk to him.

Meanwhile, Teru Mikami has received the Death Note from Misa and strict instructions from Kira. He is thrilled to be working for his god.


Tsugumi Ohba said that the chapter's title "Warning" relates to the different contacts that happen between people in the chapter. The contact from Aizawa to Near, from Light to Misa, from Misa to Mikami, and other contacts as well.

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