Hi there! i hope all of you are having a wonderful time here at Death Note Wiki. Now, for those of you who wanted a more customized way to leave your mark on the talk pages, i'll teach you how to make a Talk Bubble. What is a Talk Bubble you say?

The Maverick013 - Watashi wa Eru desu-
L's theme A

L's theme A

TALK - I am justice
L SymbolThis is a Talk Bubble! a nice-looking Template to, well, talk...

If you want to make one, first create a page named "Template:YourUserNameHere", change to source mode by clicking "Source" on the upper right corner of the editor and copy and paste this:

  {{#if:{{{text|}}}|{{User:The Maverick013/TalkTemplate
  {{TemplateNameHere|text=A talk bubble!|time=}}

Then customize as you wish.

  • Do not remove "User:The Maverick013/TalkTemplate" from the upper part.
  • The image can be from this wiki or from an external source. If it's from the Wiki just type the name of the file like: Example.jpg or something like that. If the pic is from an external source, like Photobucket, copy and paste the whole URL, including the http://
  • Change the colors as you want.
  • The name must be your user name.
  • The sig can be any phrase you like, bold or italic. If you want to use a theme like mine does, place <youtube width="200" height="25">WriteCodeHere</youtube> after the sig and replace the "WriteCodeHere" with the code of the video, the one that is after the "=" in the URL of said video.
  • You can place a phrase before the time too.

To use it, type: {{TemplateName|text=Your Text Here!|time=Five Tildes Here!}} and it's done.

Sometimes they take some time to be shown on the "Preview", if this happen, publish and preview again, the same if you decide to change it. Here's the code of my Bubble so you can check it:

{{#if:{{{text|}}}|{{User:The Maverick013/TalkTemplate
|name=The Maverick013
|sig=''Watashi wa Eru desu''-[[File:L's theme A|200px]]
|time=''I am justice''{{{time}}}
{{The Maverick|text=A talk bubble!|time=}}

Well, that's it, if you need help or have any question, write a comment here or contact me on my Talk Page. See you around! :).

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