Cryptid Coordinator

aka Just Cryptid is fine.

  • I live in Eastern Standard Time Zone. If you see me I should be sleeping.
  • My occupation is Part-time student. Full-time wiki nitpicker. Wait, that's not right...
  • I am Pronouns: "I" (Cryptid is lying ➡ I is lying), "you" (I don't like Cryptid ➡ I don't like you), and "Kira" (I think that pencil is Cryptid's ➡ I think that pencil is Kira)

Hello, Cryptid here.

  • I LIVE IN I've dabbled in wiki editing before, but hope to make a bigger splash this time.
  • MY OCCUPATION IS I enjoy creating things in photoshop, creative problem-solving, Super Smash Bros, Death Note, musicals, Death Note: the Musical, and creatively inserting Death Note: the Musical into Smash.

Goals for the wiki:

  • Create new sub-pages for sufficiently different versions of characters. To-do list:
    • Film Series: Light, L, Misa
    • Netflix: Light, Mia, James, Ryuk, Sidoh's/Ryuk's Death Note

...thus making the main Light, L, Misa, Near, Soichiro, and Ryuk pages much neater and more relevant.

  • Figure out if characters from the audio drama (with its entirely different concept of the afterlife and Shinigami) warrant separate pages.
  • Add custom backgrounds whenever possible and appropriate to major pages. Why does only the Misa Amane page have this special privilege?
  • Add information from the audio drama, Light up the NEW World, and Netflix film to "in other media" sections whenever relevant. It may be different but it's still Death Note.
  • Add information from the Never Complete one-shot as it is published.

Hot takes:

  • The 2018/19 audio drama is a self-aware godsend, source of endless meme value, and makes some of the best/worst fan theories "canon" in some form, and thus viable for inclusion on this wiki.
  • Case in point: Ryuk's full name is Ryukichi Nichiyama. He was presumably a Japanese man who died centuries before the events of the story.
  • The TV Drama is the best Death Note adaptation, story-wise. Light is halfway to being Light Turner. It's great.

This is the natural progression of a franchise over time.

My favorite pagesEdit

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