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No, stop! Please! Help me!

— Unnamed woman (Episode 1)

This unnamed woman is a girl Light Yagami sees being harassed as he walks home from school one night.


As with the majority of minor female characters in the series, she has shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes.


While walking alone on the streets at night, the woman is stopped and surrounded outside of a convenience store by a group of four men on motorcycles. One member remarks their leader's ability to "spot a hottie a mile away." The leader then introduces himself to the woman as Takuo Shibuimaru.

Light Yagami, who has noticed the woman's situation and heard the man's name, sees an opportunity to test out the Death Note he found for a second time to ensure it is real. Light casually walks into the convenience store, grabbing a magazine, as the woman assures the men around her that she doesn't want any trouble.

Shibuimaru grabs a pipe and puts it around the woman's neck to restrain her, ordering his men to strip her down. The men comply as the woman screams for help.

In the convenience store, Light has written down Shibuimaru's name six times in six different spellings (having gotten it right the first try), hiding the Death Note among the pages of the magazine, and putting the cause of death as a traffic accident.


The woman just narrowly escapes death.

Back outside, the woman has escaped from her captors and runs across the street to try and get to safety. Shibuimaru is persistent and rides after her on his motorcycle. As the woman reaches the other side of the road with Shibuimaru right behind her, a truck drives by at a high speed, hitting and killing the motorcyclist and just barely missing the woman.

Having seen this, Light is now sure that the Death Note really works.