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Two is the first chapter of volume twelve and the ninety-ninth chapter of the Death Note manga series.

The Two


Kiyomi Takada's bodyguards finally catch up to Matt and quickly surround him. As he exits his car, thinking that he'll just be arrested, the bodyguards open fire and fill his body with bullets.

Takada recognizes Mello's face, and she remembers his name. Mello drives his motorcycle into a delivery truck. He orders that Takada strips naked so that he can get rid of any tracking devices she might have. He gives her a towel to wear. However, she asks if she can put the towel around her first before she took off her underclothes. Mello agrees. Takada is then free to get out the piece of the Death Note that she has stuck underneath her bra.

Halle Lidner tells Near that Mello has kidnapped Takada. Near orders her to stop Mello and get Takada back, or the plan will be ruined.

Mello finds out about Matt's death on T.V. and feels remorse. Meanwhile, Takada is ready to use the piece of paper from the Death Note.

Upon hearing about Takada's kidnapping, the investigation team wonders if Near was behind all of this. Light thinks that it would not make sense, and it sounds like something Mello would do.

Indeed, Near calls Light and tells him that he was not behind the kidnapping. He believes that Mello is using Takada to try to get to Kira. Near suggests that they work together to find Takada at any cost.

Suddenly, Takada calls Light. She describes her surrounding to him, and Light assures her that help is coming. Light orders her to do that thing that he instructed her to do in case of an "emergency".

When Takada hangs up, she calls Mikami telling him to keep judging as Kira as much as he can. Mikami understands that Takada had killed her kidnapper, and she is unable to move for the next few days. He needs to prepare the death list for the next few days before the 28th.

As the police force goes to rescue Takada, Light is worried that Near might find the piece of Death Note with Mello's name. He figures that Takada is now useless to him because his plans have already been set into motion. On the emergency piece of Death Note he has in his watch, he writes, "Kiyomi Takada, suicide, burns all of her belongings, her notes and herself to death."


In Death Note 13: How to Read, Tsugumi Ohba explains that the chapter title "Two" mostly relates to the deaths of Mello and Takada. However, Ohba also said it referred to the fact that Light and Mikami wrote down Takada's name at almost the same time, which is actually something that the reader would not find out until later.

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