DEATH NOTE × DEATH NOTE the Last name × L change the WorLd original soundtrack Triple Club Re-mix is an original soundtrack for the Death Note live-action film series. It is a dance club remix of previously-released score music.


The soundtrack is comprised entirely of dance remixes of score music from the first three Death Note films.

From Sound of Death Note, five tracks were remixed: 1. A Heart Attack (remixed twice), 5. Disturbance, 9. Logic, 17. Memo Paper, and 18. Be Cute.

From Sound of Death Note the Last Name, four tracks were remixed: 9. stranger, 12. Dear, 31. sad man, and 34. the last name.

From Sound of L Change the WorLd, just one track was remixed: 24. near.

The soundtrack came out around the same time as the film L: Change the WorLd, and was part of the marketing hype for the film.

Track listingEdit

Track Title Artist Associated[1] Length[2]
1 a Heart Attack-yukihiro Fukutomi Remix- 福富幸宏 Sound of Death Note 6:02
2 disturbance 〜make a Noise In the World- Crude Reality REMIX- Crude Reality a.k.a. AKIO DOBASHI Sound of Death Note 5:14
3 be Cute -The Mfs Mix- The mfs Sound of Death Note 5:57
4 Dear-AKAKAGE's Hare Toki-doki Kumori Remix- AKAKAGE Sound of Death Note the Last Name 5:35
5 sad Man 〜the Dignity of Man 〜 pure Love -jazztronik Remix- Jazztronik Sound of Death Note the Last Name 4:20
6 memo Paper -MASAKI SAKAMOTO Remix- MASAKI SAKAMOTO Sound of Death Note 4:38
7 the Last Name -DJ MAAR's TRIANGLE REMIX- DJ MAAR (DEXPISTOLS) Sound of Death Note the Last Name 4:53
8 a Heart Attack -meltdown Mix- CO-FUSION Sound of Death Note 6:02
9 near -DJ TOMO REMIX- DJ TOMO Sound of L Change the WorLd 5:57
10 stranger 〜parental Love- 9soDNtLn.00:29 岩村 学 Sound of Death Note the Last Name 3:16
11 Logic 〜a Challenge 〜Make a Noise In the World -Ken Ishii Remix- KEN ISHII Sound of Death Note 6:42

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  2. Track lengths from the soundtrack's listing on Apple iTunes.
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