I want to get Kira! It's the only thing that matters to me anymore!!

Naomi Misora

Temptation (誘惑, Yūwaku) is the fourteenth chapter of the Death Note manga series.


In addition to fake IDs, which they are not allowed to reveal inside the NPA, Watari gives the Japanese Task Force transmitter belts that show Watari their location and contact his cell phone when the buckle is pressed. Ryuzaki also instructs the Task Force members to always have someone in the NPA Task Force office.

While walking down the sidewalk, Light calls out to the woman in desperation and tells her that it is impossible for her to talk to any of the Task Force members because they are trying to keep their identities secret. He lies again by claiming to be a part of the Kira Investigation Task Force. Even though he is still in high school, he was recruited by L after many other detectives quit for fear of their lives. The woman is relieved and tells Light that talking to him is as good as talking to L. She says that she trusts L completely because as an FBI agent, she once worked with him on another case. She tells Light that she can trust Light too because she feels that he and L are similar somehow. Thrilled, Light asks her to join the Kira investigation to put her investigative skills and desire for justice to good use. He offers to recommend her, and all he needs is to see some form of identification.

The woman hands him her Japanese drivers license, and he pretends to write down the specifics of her history in the FBI on a piece of paper. In reality, he writes her real name, "Naomi Misora," on a page torn from the Death Note, and writes her cause of death as "suicide, starting at 1:25 p.m." When Naomi Misora asks why he keeps looking at his watch, he answers, "I am Kira." At 1:25 p.m., Naomi turns to leave, declining Light's offer to talk to his father and saying that she has something she needs to do.


Tsugumi Ohba changed the Japanese spelling for the chapter "Temptation" so the title would not spoil the chapter's contents.

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