The Teito Hotel is a hotel located in Tokyo, Japan.


When Kiyomi Takada becomes Kira's new spokesperson, Light Yagami informs the members of the Japanese Task Force that he used to date Takada when they attended To-Oh University together. The Task Force plans to use this connection to gather information on Takada and her relationship with Kira. Light contacts Takada and tells her to meet him in room 2501 of the Teito Hotel, and the Task Force sets up hidden cameras and microphones to record their conversation.

During their meeting, Light, having told Takada that he now works with the NPA, informs Takada that the NPA has no intention of going against Kira. He tells her that, while in university, he thought Kira should be brought to justice, times are changing and he now sees the value of Kira's existence. He tells Takada that he thinks Kira should contact her and tell her what to do, to which she agrees. Takada then departs, but before she goes, Light asks to meet with her the next day.

Later on, as a distraction, Near has Misa Amane and Kanzo Mogi taken into custody due to the SPK's suspicions of Misa being the Second Kira. Light talks to Misa on the phone on the way to the Yellow Box Warehouse, and she informs him that she is fine and has been checked into a suite at the Teito Hotel.

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