Target (標的, Hyōteki) is the second chapter of volume eight and the sixty-third chapter of the Death Note manga series.


Soichiro decides to exchange the Death Note for Sayu without any tricks because he is afraid that if he's caught, they will kill him and Sayu. Light, however, wants the whole Kira investigation team to discreetly shadow him, just in case. In addition, he gives Soichiro and the rest of the team new cell phones that allow members to overhear any conversations that take place with the cell phone.

Concerned that they might need back-up, Light calls the director of the FBI, Steve Mason, as L. However, the director of FBI is in the same room as Near. When Near overhears the director of the FBI speak to L, Near demands to speak to him and tells him, "L number two, nice to meet you." Much to Light's surprise, Near reveals that he is "N," the leader of an organization created to catch Kira, called the SPK and that he knows about the death of the real L. Light is ready to back out of asking Near for police force help, mostly because Near reminds him so much of L. However, Light relents, asks for his help and Near agrees. Near believes that this fiasco might help them retrieve the notebook and capture Kira.

The next day, Soichiro and the team prepare to go to L.A. The team is traveling in separate flights, with the exception of Ide, who is traveling in the same flight as Soichiro. As he is walking down the corridor at the airport, Soichiro is threatened by one of Mello's gang members, Zakk Irius, who forces him to get on to another flight. Ide is given instructions by Light to not interfere. The man forces Soichiro to get on the flight that Aizawa is taking to L.A. He is given an earphone, and Mello tells him that all he wants is the notebook and if he follows his instructions, no one will be hurt.


Tsugumi Ohba said the chapter's title "Target" refers to many different elements in the chapter. It relates to Mello's intentions to take possession of the notebook, the aircraft going off course, and Near playing with darts.


  • This is the second manga chapter called "Target," the first being chapter 7 of volume 1.

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