yes she big

why did light kill takada? i dont get it

Light kill Takada because Takada had pages from a Death Note on her person, and since the police were going to find her, she was going to be caught. Also, she had just killed Mello, and since she had the page she wrote his name on right there, it would be obvious she killed him, and Light didn't trust her to keep her mouth shut about him. In other words, he didn't think she was smart enough to talk her way out of the situation, nor did he trust her enough not to expose him when she was captured. Personally, I thinkLight acted a bit too hastily there, and could have used Kiyomi more. I also think she could have goten away with it, but you know Light, he can't bear to keep his helpers alive for too long. Anyother questions? -エル・ジュニア