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Takuo Shibuimaru (渋井丸 拓男, Shibuimaru Takuo) is the second person whom Light Yagami kills using the Death Note.


Shibuimaru wears sunglasses, rings, a golden chain and a jacket.


Shibuimaru travels with a group of bikers and starts harassing a woman in the street. After Light hears his name and sees him chasing this woman, he writes Shibuimaru's name down in all possible variants and uses a condition: death by traffic accident. Shortly after, a truck slams into Shibuimaru's motorcycle, killing him. After his death, Light feels guilty to have killed him, since Shibuimaru was not a criminal.

In the manga, Shibuimaru and his group harass the woman, while in the anime, he and his group try to sexually attack her.

In the film[]

Shibuimaru is a criminal who was never prosecuted for killing five children. Light finds his name in a police database after he hacks into the NPA server. He finds Shibuimaru in a lounge, bragging about the fact that he was not prosecuted. When a man asks Shibuimaru how he felt, he brags about his acquittal and laughed at the fact that the parents of his victims screamed when they discovered the acquittal.

Shibuimaru finds Light looking over his shoulder and threatens him with a knife. He then backs away and laughs, taunting Light by stating that no one can prosecute him. Light leaves the lounge just before he finds the Death Note.

At a later point, Shibuimaru sees Light at a train crossing and starts gawking at the law student. Light, who had previously killed another criminal, writes Shibuimaru's name into the Death Note. As a train passes between Light and Shibuimaru, the criminal collapses of a heart attack.