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Taichi Amazawa (雨澤太一, Amazawa Taichi), formerly Taichi Kunugida (椚田太一, Kunugida Taichi), is a minor character exclusive to the Death Note film series. He appears only in the third episode of the miniseries Death Note: New Generation.

Ten years earlier, Amazawa (then named Kunugida) killed a seven-year-old girl, but he has since attempted to reform his life. Yuki Shien investigates him to test his newly-received Death Note.


Amazawa is a Japanese man with short dark brown hair and brown eyes.


Ten years earlier, Amazawa (then named Kunugida) and Kazutoshi Namaki murdered a family. Namaki kept telling him to keep a child quiet, and Amazawa ended up strangling the child to death.


Kunugida has changed his name to Amazawa and lives with his girlfriend Hayaka. When she tells him that she's pregnant and asks to get married, he breaks down. She tries to reassure him that he's no longer "Kunugida."

Later at work, Namaki shows up and tries to get him involved with something "fun" and criminal, but Amazawa tells him not to come near him again. Namaki implies that he'll hurt Amazawa's family and tells him he'll be back.

While Amazawa is walking away from Namaki, he turns around to see that Namaki has collapsed. He's died of a heart attack.

Amazawa sleeps well that night, and the next morning he asks his girlfriend to marry him. They plan to go to a restaurant later to celebrate.

At work that day, Shien walks into the bathroom as Amazawa is cleaning it. Shien asks why he looks happy, and calls him by his former name. He tells him, "Even if you change your name, your sin will not go away." Amazawa insists that he didn't want to do what he did and that he regrets it. Shien only cares that he killed a seven-year-old girl.

Later, Shien writes "Taichi Kunugida" in the Death Note while he watches him on a security camera, but Amazawa/Kunugida doesn't die. Shien writes his new name "Taichi Amazawa" into the Death Note instead. Shien watches as Amazawa collapses and dies of a heart attack.

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