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Cut in: streets in an unknown location. White text reading "12月20日 AM11:50 (December 20th, 11:50 A.M.)" fades in. A man next to his car is on a cell phone. Kiichiro Osoreda lies in a pool of blood a few yards away. The bus is in the background nearby. Raye Penber is standing next to the bus, staring at Osoreda's body. Light walks off the bus.
Raye You there.
Light Yeah?
Raye Listen carefully: I came to Japan as a part of a secret investigation, so the local police can't find out that, um... that I.
Light I understand. I promise I won’t tell anyone that I met you and of course [pauses] that includes my father.
Raye [sighs softly in relief] Well then, [runs away] please excuse me.
Light [thinking] It's just as I thought. Anyway, I don't want the police to know that I've come into contact with an FBI agent, either. If my father ever found out, there's no doubt he'd let L know. [brief shot of Raye Penber] It's obvious that he doesn't suspect me. And as for the police, I'm sure they'll treat this as just another unfortunate accident.
As Light finishes his thought, dissolve to: exterior of a hotel. Cut to a room inside, where a Woman is reading a book. She flips pages, and after a moment, there is the sound of a door opening. She looks up and lets out a small gasp.
Woman [gladly] Hey, welcome back.
Raye lets out a sigh as he tosses his jacket onto a large bed.
Raye [wearily] What a day.
The Woman stands up
Woman Raye, what's the matter? Something happened, didn't it? [walking towards nearby shelf] I've never heard you sigh like that.
His eyes closed, Raye leans back in a chair and loosens his tie. The Woman starts looking through the shelves to prepare a drink.
Raye Yeah. The bus I was on got hijacked, if you can believe it.
The Woman stops what she's doing and turns to Raye
Woman [shocked] A bus jacking?
Raye Some junkie. Robbed a bank two days ago, and I guess he wanted to try taking on a bus today. I didn't think this kind of thing happened here.
The Woman resumes her task as she speaks.
Woman So you were already on the bus when the hijacker got on it?
Raye Yeah, and in the end the guy freaked out, jumped out of the bus, and got hit by a car.
The woman, having gone to get ice from the ice bucket, goes still. There is a moment of silence before she finally speaks.
Woman Did he die?
Raye Yeah, probably. I couldn’t really sick are and see what happened to him.
The Woman walks over to him with two cups of tea, stopping in front of him
Raye [cautiously] What do you mean?
Woman Think about it. You got on that bus because you were investigating someone, right? And now you're telling me that this criminal is most likely dead. Doesn't that suggest that you—
Raye [interrupting] That's enough.
The Woman's eyes widen, and she gasps
Raye [increasingly frustrated]Look, darling, you and I know you used to be one of the best agents in the FBI. But now you’re my fiancé now. I mean, we talked about this. You're not an agent anymore, so just leave it alone.
Woman [after a pause] But...
Raye [frustratedly] You wouldn't get involved with the Kira care and you wouldn't do anything dangerous. That's what you promised when we decided you’d come with me, so I could meet your parents in Japan. You do remember that, don't you?
Woman [disheartened] Yeah, I guess you're right. It's just force of habit. Sorry about that.
Raye No, I should be sorry. Let's... forget about it. [happily] Anyway, once we have a few kids running around, you'll probably be so busy you'll forget you were ever an agent. Your mind will be occupied with better things, too.
After a moment she smiles and chuckles softly
Raye [cont'd] More importantly, tell me how I can convince your dad I'm worthy of his daughter. Kira doesn't scare me half as much as he does.
The woman chuckles
Cut to: Yagami house exterior at night. After a brief pre-lap, cut inside to Light's room. Light is sitting at his desk, holding a pen. The Death Note is lying on the desk, opened up to two blank pages.
Ryuk Oh, let me guess. You're about to write down the name of that agent, aren't you? The one from the bus.
Light Not yet. I'm gonna wait one week before writing his name. If he dies right after meeting me, I'll only draw attention to myself. I'll write his name in here once they've had time to investigate more people with ties to the police. It'll be less obvious that way. In the meantime, I think I'll use some of those inmates I've been keeping alive to play around with L a little more.
Cut to: L's location. There's a closeup of speaker, followed by a beeping sound signaling that Watari has connected to L and is communicating over video chat.
Watari [muffled output] L.
L [turning to the computer] Hmm?
Watari Another victim. This one left what appears to be a suicide note.
L turns around and walks towards the computer
L Please, send it to me.
The computer beeps as an image of the note appears on the screen, which also has a window of Watari pulled up. The first row of text in the letter is highlighted. L is sitting in front of the computer, looking at the screen. He reads the three words.
L "Gods of Death."
An image of a row of text from a similar, a previously seen letter, as well as the current row, briefly appear split screen as L puts the two phrases together
L "L, did you know, Gods of Death...?" Is he trying to tell us that Gods of Death exist? [to Watari:] Listen, Watari. Tell the police to monitor prison populations closely for the next few days. Kira may use other suicide notes to communicate us.
Watari [muffled output] Understood.
Fade to black. Cut to: the above stairway entrance to a train. White text reading, "12月27日 PM3:00 (December 27th, 3:00 P.M.)" fades in. Ambient noise which gets louder after cutting to the train below, the text disappearing with the cut. Light is dressed INCONSPICUOUSLY, leaning against a brick wall next to Ryuk.
Ryuk This place is crawling with humans. How're ya gonna do it here?
Light [scanning the crowd] Let's just say you're about to see the results of all the research and experiments I've been doing over the last few days.
Ryuk Experiments?
Light Yeah. I've been using known criminals who live in this part of town to test out different killing methods. I've learned a lot about the Death Note.
Fade in from black to a filled-out Death Note page
Light [cont'd] [V.O.] For example, if I write a cause of death and the circumstances leading up to it, I can add a name afterwards and it'll still happen.
Cut back
Ryuk [thinking] Ooooh. Even I didn't know that one.
Light straightens up
Light [putting hood on] He's here. [pauses as Raye approaches] Right on time.
Raye passes Light and Ryuk, and once he is a few feet ahead, Light starts to follow him. Throughout their interaction Light speaks just loudly enough for Raye to hear him.
Light Mr. Raye Penber.
Raye immediately stops and begins to turn his head to look at Light
Light Turn around and your dead.
Raye looks forward
Light I am Kira.
Raye stiffens and gasps. The music shifts. Raye takes a shallow breath.
Light [cont'd] That's right. Don't turn around or put your hands in your pockets. I won't hesitate to kill you here.
Raye [thinking] I-it couldn't be. This voice. I've heard it somewhere.
Light But first, I'm gonna prove to you that I'm Kira. Do you see the man working over there at the coffee shop?
Raye turns his head to look at a nearby coffee shop. An employee is standing at the entrance, sweeping.
Light That's right, the one sweeping the floor. I'm gonna kill him just for you.
Ryuk But how? ...Don't do it.
The employee grunts, drops the broom, and grips at his chest before collapsing. Raye gasps. A crowd gathers around the dead man.
Light I'm afraid I had no choice but to kill him. I figured if I didn't kill at least one person, you wouldn't believe me. Although that man has been repeatedly charged with sexual assault. He's managed to avoid conviction every time due to lack of evidence. He was a menace to society. He got what he deserved. I can only assume that L has already informed you of this: I can't kill someone who I haven't seen. I have to know their face, which means of course, I could easily kill all these people right now if I wanted to. Go ahead and choose someone if you want.
Raye D-don't do it. I believe you. You're Kira.
Light I'm sure you care more about your loved ones than any of these people here. Imagine how you'd feel if one of them was killed just because you refused to cooperate. I think you should consider them the real hostages at the moment.
Raye flinches and then glances back
Raye How do you know about her?
Light [chuckles] You seem surprised. I've been investigating you, and if you don't do exactly as I say, she will die and so will the rest of your family, including you. And that's a promise.
Raye I-I understand. Just tell me what you need me to do.
Light I see you've got your laptop with you. I want the files containing the identities of all the FBI agents who came to Japan.
Raye I do have my laptop with me. It's the one I use for work, but I don't have the files you're looking for.
Light holds a manila envelope out to Raye
Light Alright, then take this envelope.
Raye Huh? [takes envelope]
Light First, take the transceiver out of the envelope, then put the earpiece in, and await my instructions
Towards the end of his sentence Light backs away into the shadows. Once he's gone, Raye pulls the transceiver out of the envelope.
Raye [thinking] A transceiver? This thing looks like a toy.
Fade to slightly different angle of Raye, at which point he has his hand on the transmitter now in his ear
Raye [cont'd][thinking] But there'll be no record of this transmission anyway. And it allows us to converse from a close distance even underground. You really thought this through.
Light Alright. Now get on the Yamanote Line, inner or outer route. It doesn't matter which direction you take. I'll be close by at all times, which means I'll be watching your every move. When you get on the train, pick a spot in front of you and don't take your eyes off it. If I see you looking around, I will kill you. Once you've boarded, I want you to take the seat closest to the doors. If it's occupied, wait until it's free.
A train sounds its horn as it passes
Dissolve to some point later on. A train screeches as it comes to a stop. Closeup of Raye, then a sign, then Raye sitting on the train.
Light Now, I'm going to ask you something. If I have even the SLIGHTEST suspicion that you're not being honest, your girlfriend is as good as dead. How many FBI agents are currently in Japan? Speak quietly into the transceiver, and don't make it obvious.
Raye [lifts collar of jacket] I believe it's four teams. Three agents per team for a total of twelve.
Light Okay. Now take the papers out of the envelope.
Raye opens the manila envelope to find a stack of papers that are covered so that blank sections of paper underneath it are visible.
Raye Huh? [thinking] What... is this?
Light Of those twelve agents you mentioned, I want you to write down the name of your superior, the one who's heading up this investigation, on the space on the very top of the page.
Raye [thinking] What is the meaning of this? What is he after?
As he starts writing, we see Light is looking in from the door of the other car
Raye [cont'd][ thinking] Let's face it, he hasn't really left me any choice. Besides, it's not like he can kill them using just their names.
Light Next, take out your laptop and turn it on. Any minute now your boss is going to send you a message with a file attachment. It contains the names and photos of all the FBI agents currently active in Japan.
Raye is looking at his laptop, the screen filled with the data Light mentioned
Raye [thinking] But this... this is...
Light Now, one by one you're going to look at each photo and then write that agent's name in the space provided. You're going to do this for each agent.
Skip forward to Raye writing down the last of the names
Raye [thinking] It doesn't make sense. If he's got the names already, why use me? What's he planning to do with them? [closes laptop]
Light Good. Looks like you're done. [cut to Light] Now put the transceiver and all the papers back into the original envelope and place them on the wrack directly above your head. [cut to Raye putting papers in envelope] After that, you’re going to stay in your seat and ride the train for at least another thirty minutes. When you are absolutely certain that nobody will notice you leaving without the envelope, you can get off the train.
Fade forward to a closeup of the folder on the wrack and then out to Raye still seated on the train
Raye [thinking] I know that voice. Why on earth can't I remember who it belongs to?
Cut to outside the train. White text reading "PM 4:41" appears. The train comes to a stop and the doors slide open. Raye continues his thoughts as he steps off the train.
Raye [thinking] Kira, who are you?
He gasps and his eyes widen as he comes to a stop. The sound of a heartbeat. Raye makes gurgling noises and clutches at his chest. He falls to his knees and continues to gasp. He falls to his side and scrambles to look behind him and into the car as the door closes behind him. He looks in and sees Light, now wearing no hood and holding the manila folder, looking down at him. It takes effort for his words to come out.
Raye Light... Yagami.
Cut to closeup of Light
Light Farewell... Raye Penber.
Closeup of Raye’s eye, which then dilates, then of Raye’s face from inside the car as the door closes in front of him
Cut to black as the sound of the door closing echoes. Fade from black to Light in his bedroom, reviewing the papers Raye had filled in, the covered contents now visible.
Light [V.O.] Raye Penber wrote all those names on pages taken from the Death Note. Ironic. Without even realizing it, he was actually signing a death warrant for all of his colleagues. As for Penber's boss, he died of a heart attack after sending all of his agents a file. And the other eleven investigators? [chuckles] They all died of heart attacks after receiving the same file.
Eyecatch out – "The human who touches the DEATH NOTE can recognize the image and voice of its original owner, a god of death, even if the human is not the owner of the note."
Eyecatch in – "The person in possession of the DEATH NOTE is possessed by a god of death, its original owner, until they die."
                                                          Cut to: skyline. Kuroi Light plays. Cut briefly indoors to L's room, a closeup of his speakers.
Watari [through speakers] L, you have a call from the director of the FBI.
Cut to American office. There is a brief cut to L and back while he speaks.
Director It's me. I've got a report in front of me right now stating all of our agents in Japan are dead. All twelve died of heart attacks. I can only assume that Kira is behind this. Look, I'm sorry but it's already decided. We're calling off our investigation.
Cut to L's room. Beeping.
Watari I have Chief Yagami on the line.
Soichiro [through speakers] L, I just got off the phone with the director of the FBI. According to him, it seems that you arranged for the FBI to come to Japan and investigate everyone here associated with the task force.
L Yes, I did.
Soichiro So how do you explain this? Are we now suspects in our own investigation?
L I felt that it was necessary to uncover Kira's identity.
Part way through Soichiro's sentence, cut to the room he and the members of the task force are in
Soichiro I cannot accept that! I find it unbelievable that you would spy on us, the very people working with you on this case.
Officer 1 Hear that? Well, I knew all along we couldn't trust that guy.
Officer 2 More importantly, Kira killed those FBI agents, didn't he?
Officer 1 It's obvious he'll kill anyone who gets in his way, whether they're criminals or not. [cut to L's room] So much for his sense of justice. He's a murderer.
Watari We have another victim. A note was found at the scene.
L Hmm...
Briefly fade from L to Light then back
Light [V.O. ]"L, do you know, gods of death..."
L opens up his computer and looks at the note. As Light finishes his sentence, L puts the notes together to finish the message Light left for him
L Hmm?
Light [cont'd][V.O] " apples?"
L [thinking] Damn you, Kira.
Fade to Raye Penber's apartment. Sniffling. A closeup of his crying fiancée.
Woman He's dead. Raye's dead. No, he was... he was murdered by Kira.
Fade to black.
Cut to: outside the Yagami residence at night. As Sayu starts to talk, cut indoors to the four sitting at the dinner table.
Sayu Um, so, what's with the family meeting, Dad?
Soichrio I figured you're going to find out sooner or later, so I might as well tell you now. I don't want you to be alarmed. I'm sure you've heard of this Kira investigation. Well, I'm currently in charge of it.
Sayu [sits upright] What? Are you serious? That's totally awesome, Dad. You're the best cop ever!
Soichiro That's not quite the point I'm trying to make.
Sayu Oh?
Soichiro You see, the truth is, the FBI sent twelve of their agents to Japan to assist us in finding Kira, and all of them died yesterday?
Light Does that mean they were all killed by Kira?
Sayu What?
Soichiro What I'm saying is there's a chance that Kira will actually try to kill anyone who comes after him. His crimes are ruthless and more frightening than anything we've seen. Many detectives have already quit.
Sayu Dad, you should quit, too! I don't want you to die. What if he gets you?
Sachiko That's right. Your life is so much more important than some job.
Soichiro I can't. I could never forgive myself if I walked away from this. I will not sit back and let evil triumph.
Sayu But Dad, you...
Sachiko Please, dear...
Light [after a brief pause] I think it's honorable of you, Dad. [standing up from seat] I'm proud to be able to call you my father. [while exiting the room] And if anything should ever happen to you, I'm going to find Kira. [opens door and looks back] And make sure he gets executed.
Closeup of Soichiro. Sound of footsteps and the door being shut. Fade to black as Light's Theme plays.
Fade into outside the Central Government Building No. 2
Soichiro We now know that Kira doesn't just target criminals. He'll kill anyone who opposes him.
Cut indoors to Soichiro addressing the task force
Soichiro [cont'd] It's quite possible that we might all be killed by Kira. Think of your own lives. Your families and all the others you'd be leaving behind. If anyone wants to leave this investigation, now is the time. You won't be demoted if you choose not to stay. You have my word. But if you're not absolutely sure, then we don't need you. You have to be willing to fight against him, even if that means making the ultimate sacrifice. That is all.
Zooms out down the hallway
Officer 3 So what're ya gonna do?
Officer 4 I'm not sure.
Cut to: bus depot. The Woman is talking to Sasaki, the bus driver from the previous episode. He is looking at a photo she gave him of her and Raye.
Sasaki Oh yeah, that's him alright. There's no doubt about it. I remember him because he told us to get down. But I don't really remember any of the other passengers.
Woman I see. Well, thanks for talking with me anyway. I appreciate it.
Fade forward to the woman walking down the street
Woman It's a bit of a longshot, but if what I'm thinking is right, Kira could have been one of the passengers on the bus that day. And if that is the case, then I know that he's close enough to use this bus route.
Cut to: Central Government Building No. 2 interior. Soichiro looks up at the five remaining officers.
Soichiro Five men, huh? Well, six, including myself. Still, I'm grateful to see that there are as many as five of you willing to risk your lives to face evil.
L [distorted by voice changer] The fact that you've chosen to stay means you have a strong sense of justice. I trust all of you.
Aizawa Hah, uh, hold on a second. L just said that he's decided to trust us now. But honestly, what reason do we have to trust him?
Ide Look, L. All of us have agreed to put our lives at risk to bring Kira to justice, so I hope you understand what this means. We're really sticking our necks out here.
Aizawa But you never have to show your face, do you? You just give the orders. I don't see how you expect us to work alongside you under those conditions.
Soichiro L, if all of us are going to work together on this investigation, and if you truly meant what you said about trusting the six of us, could you come here so we could all meet in person?
L [after a pause][distorted] The thought had already crossed my mind. After all, I did say that I trusted all of you.
Watari turns the laptop to face them. There is text across the screen. They gasp, and more text continues to be typed out. "Please keep what is about to happen a secret between the eight of us."
Cut to: outside Central Government Building No. 2
Ide Why is he seeking our help now? There's only six of us. He's solved all these difficult cases by himself in the past, so what makes this one so different? The way L's been conducting things so far, odds are he's gonna send a stand-in or a proxy of some kind to meet us instead of coming himself. It's not like we'd ever know.
Aizawa A proxy, huh? Well, it is possible.
Matsuda I believe L. I thnk we can trust him. And besides, I don't really see how we can solve this case without his help.
Mogi I agree.
From the beginning, he's been very upfront about the fact that he would need the help of the police on this case. Perhaps we should think of it like, he's been waiting for this to happen all along.
L's Theme plays
Matsuda Why would he do something like that?
Soichiro There were a number of people on the task force who distrusted L before this investigation began. And once we got started, we had detectives resigning left and right. Following that, classified information was leaked. So I'm not surprised that he didn't trust us.
Matsuda In other words, he was waiting for the task force to get narrowed down to only those investigators he could trust. And to do that, he needed to weed out anyone who wasn't totally committed.
Soichiro Hmm...
Ide [growls][walking away] If we're working with that guy, I’m leaving the task force. You don't have to worry. I won't try to follow you. I'm not interested in finding L.
Sasaki O-okay.
Cut to the front wheel of the bus, which is still spinning as it continues down the road.
Ukita Well, I think we can trust L, so I'd be willing to cooperate with him on this investigation.
Aizawa Count me in.
Soichiro nods. Fade to the exterior of the Teito Hotel. As L speaks, we see the task force enter the hotel. As L speaks, Matsuda and Soichiro are seen walking into and moving throughout the hotel.
L [distorted] I'm staying at a suite in the Teito Hotel at the moment, but I'll be switching hotels every few days from this point on. I want you to think of these hotel rooms as the de facto headquarters of this investigation. If this arrangement is acceptable to all of you, then split into two groups and stagger your arrival so you come thirty minute apart. Please arrange it so you're all here at midnight.
Cut to L alone in his hotel room, which is completely visible for the first time
L Kira. I seems we're getting closer to each other in equal steps. [takes deep breath] It's only a matter of time before we collide. So be it. I'm ready to show my face. I'll make my first public appearance as L. If you ever manage to find out about these secret meetings, I'm sure you'd feel compelled to move in. [takes deep breath] That's what I'm counting on.
Fade into Light in his room. As he thinks, flasbacks of the previous episode and earlier in this episode.
Light [thinking] I've been quite active over these past few days. Think carefully. Was there anything I missed? What comes next? There are endless possibilities. The real battle is only just beginning. L...
Cut to Soichiro and Matsuda outside of L's hotel room. Soichiro raises his fist and knocks on the door twice.
L [voice muffled from inside] It's unlocked. Please, let yourself in.
Soichiro Hmm...
He puts his hand on the door handle, and it echoes as he turns it
Ending credits
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Light This woman. If she had spoken to the police before I met her... But it seems there's a god on my side after all. And not just a god of death.

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