Raye Penber wrote all of those names on pages taken from the Death Note. Ironic. Without even realizing it, he was actually signing a death warrant for all of his colleagues. As for Penber's boss, he died of a heart attack after sending all of his agents a file. And the other eleven investigators, they all died of heart attacks after receiving the same file.

Light Yagami

Tactics (駆引, Kakehiki) is the fifth episode of the Death Note anime series.


After successfully learning the identity of the FBI agent, Light Yagami waits one week before he decides to kill Raye Penber. Raye briefly confides to Light that he is on a mission, and Light agrees to keep their meeting a secret. Raye returns to his hotel room and his fiancée, convinced that Light is not Kira.

On December 27, Light and Ryuk enter a crowded underground shopping center. Light approaches Raye from behind, introducing himself as Kira and killing a nearby criminal as proof. Raye agrees to follow Light's orders, taking an envelope and boarding a train as directed. Raye is forced to write down the names of all other FBI agents in Japan on a page from the Death Note. As he exits the train, he is killed by a heart attack on the station platform.

With the murder of 12 FBI agents, the NPA begins to distrust L's motives while Raye Penber's fiancée, a former FBI agent, begins to investigate Kira on her own, already suspecting someone from the busjacking. The American President pulls the FBI out of the Kira investigation, and the rest of the Japanese police officers decide to resign from the case as well. In the end, only five investigators, not including L and Watari, remain.

L's answer to the police's suspicions is that he trusts the few who remain enough to invite the team to his hotel room. Light considers his next move, sure he has made an oversight somewhere, while L ponders over the results of Light's inmate experiments. When Light's father, the chief of police, informs his family that he is the head of the Kira case, Light proclaims pride in his father and swears to capture Kira if his dad should die. That night, Chief Yagami and his subordinates enter L's hotel room to meet in person.

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