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Opening theme
The sun shines brightly. Children are shouting in the background, playing, and multiple of them are shown doing different activities. They seem to be in some sort of church. A particular child can be heard crying in the background. Suddenly, the wailing and all other noise ceases. Before a tall, pointed structure, where it is snowing, the ringing of bells is heard. Watari is seen standing next to a small child with black hair, squeezing his hand to comfort him. The two are in front of the building, which is surrounded by a fence, the same building that the children were playing in front of moments before. There's a fluttering sound, like that of old film, and the scene breaks, as if an old film reel is ending…
Present day, Task Force Headquarters, it is late at night and everything is completely silent. For a moment, it is seemingly from Ryuzaki's point of view, but not for long; the scene flickers into where Watari is sitting in front of many screens, slumped in his chair, engulfed in darkness.
Watari [Turning around in his seat to look at Ryuzaki] (Quietly) Ryuzaki, is something the matter? What is it? [Pause, silence] … Hmm?
It is then from a different angle, where Ryuzaki is stood in the doorway and both are staring at each other.
Watari (Carefully) What's wrong?
Ryuzaki simply remains stationary. There is only silence.
Ryuzaki is then sat in his usual position, examining a page in the Death Note that has been torn off.
Ryuzaki …Interesting. A corner of a page of this notebook appears to have been torn off. Can you kill someone just by writing their name on a piece?
Rem Can't say. I've never tried using it like that, so I wouldn't know, and I don't know of anyone who has.
Ryuzaki Then let me ask you, do Gods of Death love apples?
Rem Not necessarily. You see, our internal organs have already degraded. We've… evolved to a point where we do not require sustenance.
Ryuzaki [Eating some sort of sweets. Although he addresses Light, he doesn't turn around to look at him] Say, Light. You're finally free to leave headquarters on your own, but it seems like you never go out. Even when Misa comes to visit, you only chat with her for a few minutes outside. You do realize you're free to have a relationship with her now?
Light [Lingering by the staircase] That can wait until we've managed to solve this case. I'm not in the mood for love or anything else right now… (bristling) or are you suggesting that you have a problem with me being here?
Ryuzaki No…
Ryuzaki is looking warily at Light out of the corner of his eye, frozen in place. Light simply stares back, where Ryuzaki can't see, and his eyes are reflected in the glass staircase.
The screen switches between Light and Ryuzaki, eventually ending outside, with Misa waving goodbye to Light and leaving. Next is a transition to what appears to be Misa's house.
Light's voice (Echoing) Right now I'm in no position to continue punishing criminals. That's why I need you to punish them for me. Misa... let's create a new world together.
Outdoors, the chime of bells sound. Eerie music starts as Misa walks down the streets, donning a black dress and heavy make-up. Throughout this scene, it shows her writing, and several dead citizens.
Misa (Singing quietly) Careful what you do… 'cause God is watching your every move. Hold my hand in the dark street. For if you do I know that I'll be safe. Even if I'm far away and alone, I can be sure that you'll find me there, this I know. You draw me close for a while, so quiet. You tell me everything. If I forget what you say, then you'd come to me and tell me again. Yes, you'd tell me once again. But what happens when…I know it all? Then what should I do after that? What then?
At the Task Force Headquarters, various noises can be heard.
Soichiro (Hasty) What was that? I heard criminals are being killed again!
Aizawa There were sixteen deaths yesterday alone. All of them were broadcast after Higuchi's death.
Matsuda Immediately after, huh?
Soichiro Do you think this could mean Higuchi wasn't necessarily Kira after all?
Light I don't know. It's safe to say that Higuchi was the one killing criminals until we apprehended him.
Aizawa Then this means we're dealing with yet another Kira.
Matsuda Aww man! Not again!
Light Damn. Damn you, Kira!
Ryuzaki [Looking in Light's vague direction out of the corner of his eyes again, who is behind him. He is holding a panda cookie in mid-air] (Brooding) Kira… again?
Rem (Thinking, shocked) I can't believe this! It has to be Misa.
Ryuzaki These killings began as soon as Misa was freed, didn't they?
Light (Curt) Ryuzaki, I can't believe you're still saying that. She has nothing to do with this! Think about it; this started as soon as Higuchi died.
Ryuzaki [Turning over a bag of treats to pour out any of the remaining contents] That's true. If there is another notebook floating around out there and someone is now using it to kill [Crushes panda cookie between his fingers] criminals, I'll just have to bring that person to justice.
Ryuzaki eats two cookies, and then looks down at the piece of paper in the Death Note that has a portion torn out. L's theme begins to play in the background.
Ryuzaki (Thinking, voice a mere whisper) The Shinigami insisted that it didn't know, but if someone were able to kill simply by writing a name on a torn piece of the notebook…
Cuts to an image of Light writing down names as he eats out of a bag of potato chips, then Higuchi dying.
Ryuzaki …It's not impossible, but there is that rule: 'whoever writes a name in this notebook has to write another name within thirteen days, otherwise they die'. Light Yagami and Misa Amane are both still alive… thirteen days; that's the only problem.
Light Ryuzaki, I've been thinking. Even if we do manage to catch the person who’s been writing names in the notebook, will we really be able to legally convict and punish them for mass homicide?
Matsuda (Passionate) What? Of course we can convict them! This guy’s intentionally writing names in the notebook knowing that these people are going to die. Even if we don't plan on publicly acknowledging the notebook, the least we can do is execute the killer!
A look of realization forms on Rem's face and she gasps.
Aizawa [Off-screen] It's not a very humane way to do things, but the higher-ups would probably wanna take measures like that.
Ryuzaki If they admit to killing with the notebook they'd receive the death penalty. Or life in prison at least. [Eats a cookie, talks with his mouth full] (Muffled) That’s the best that they could hope for.
Rem (Thinking) What are you thinking, Light Yagami? Making Misa kill again! She'll be caught and then once that happens you'll also be— [Gasps; sound of church bell ringing in the background] …So that's what your plan is! You're truly disgusting.
Light looks at Rem out of the corner of his eye, smirking.
Rem (Thinking) Light Yagami is certain that I will do anything to help Misa and save her life. And at this point, the only way for me to save Misa is to write Ryuzaki's real name in my notebook! [Church bell rings] And if I kill Ryuzaki…
Flashback of Gelus dying.
Rem (Thinking) …It would mean that I deliberately lengthened Misa's life, and I will die as well. Light Yagami has planned everything so that it will work out in his favor! [Church bell rings]
Light (Thinking) [Eyes glowing a dark red] What are you gonna do, Rem? You may be a Shinigami, but you can't hide the fact that you have a thing for Misa. There's no way that you would turn your back on her now, after she's already halved her lifespan twice. Come on. [Church bell rings] Think about Misa's happiness… [Church bell rings]
Commercial break.
Light walks silently down a hallway and ominous whirring sounds slowly begin to grow louder. He goes outside, where it is raining heavily; the sound of the rain falls onto pavement loudly.
He reaches the roof, where he notices Ryuzaki is already standing in the rain, looking at the sky, droplets threaded in his hair. Ryuzaki looks at the sky for a few seconds before he notices Light, a strange expression on his face.
Light [Careful] What are you doing standing out there by yourself?
Ryuzaki cups his ear, unable to hear Light over the sound of the rain.
Light [Cups his mouth and leans forward] (Shouting) What are you doing standing out there by yourself?
Ryuzaki momentarily takes his hand off of his ear, but then puts it back. His smile is bashful as he taunts Light, acting unlike himself for a moment. Light doesn't break a grin in return—instead, he sighs, but he covers his head with his hand and steps out into the rain, walking towards Ryuzaki.
Light What are you doing, Ryuzaki?
Ryuzaki [Staring at the ground] Oh, nothing worth mentioning… It's just…I hear the bell.
Light The bell?
Ryuzaki Yes. The sound of the bell's been unusually loud today.
Light follows Ryuzaki's gaze to the bells above them.
Light I don't hear anything.
Ryuzaki (Mumbling distractedly) Really? You can't hear it? It's been ringing incessantly all day. I find it…very distracting. I can't stop thinking about it. I wonder if it's a church—maybe a wedding, or perhaps a—
Light (Interrupts) What are you getting at, Ryuzaki? Come on, cut it out—let's get back inside.
Ryuzaki [Pause, Ryuzaki seems almost self-conscious, hunching his shoulders] … I'm sorry. Nothing I say makes any sense anyway. [Sighs] If I were you, I wouldn't believe any of it…
For a few seconds, he looks at the ground again. His expression is rather lonely, almost remorseful.
Light [Pause] … You know, you're right, Ryuzaki. Most of the things you say aren't true. There'd be no end to my troubles if I actually took you seriously all the time… I probably know that better than anyone.
Ryuzaki Yes, I suppose that's true, Light-kun. [Silence] But…I could say the same about you.
Light [Looks up at Ryuzaki, faintly surprised] What do you mean?
Ryuzaki (Careful) Tell me, Light, from the moment you were born, has there ever been a point when you've actually told the truth?
Sound of rainfall abruptly stops. There is an unreadable expression on Light's face, and he and Ryuzaki glower at one another. Ryuzaki's eyes are like black holes.
Light What are you saying? (Defensive) Certainly I lie every once in a while, but surely no one can be truthful throughout their entire life? People aren't that perfect. Everyone lies. But, even so, I've made a point of not telling lies that will hurt others. [Pause] … That's my answer.
Ryuzaki stares at Light. Then, his eyes drop wordlessly to the floor again.
Ryuzaki (Mumbling) … I…thought you'd say that.
Both are silent.
Ryuzaki [Pause] … Let's go back inside. We're both soaked.
Light [Pause] … Yeah.
The scene changes to the pair of them when inside. Light is sat at the top of some steps, his trainers drying out from the rain, running a towel over his hair. Ryuzaki walks over, his own towel on his head.
Ryuzaki That was quite an ordeal, wasn't it?
Light [Still drying] (Tiredly) It's your fault for being out in that downpour.
Ryuzaki True. I'm sorry.
It flickers to where Ryuzaki is still lingering; he's looking at Light with owlish eyes, who is still toweling his hair. He removes his towel from where it's resting on his head, expression unfathomable.
Light continues with closed eyes, seemingly in thought. When, he opens them a heartbeat later, he gasps; Ryuzaki is sat before him on the steps, holding his foot in one hand, looking up at him in earnest. Immediately, Light drops his towel, eyes widening.
Light (Startled) …What are you doing, Ryuzaki?!
Ryuzaki (Unfazed) I thought I'd help. You seem to be drying yourself with quite some fervor.
Light It's fine. You don't have to do that.
Ryuzaki (Dead serious) I'll throw in a massage? [He doesn't allow Light to reply, speaking quickly and quietly] At least allow me to atone for this. I'm not at all bad at it, you know.
Light [Pause, he stares at L before looking away] … (Sighing) Do as you please.
Ryuzaki (Whispers) Okay.
Everything is silent as Ryuzaki pauses, gazing silently at Light's feet. Then, he slowly brings his own towel up to Light's foot; the movement of the towel against it is rough, and Light jumps, tensing, eyes locked on the wordless Ryuzaki.
Light Oi.
Ryuzaki You'll get used to it quickly.
Again, there is silence, and Ryuzaki has stopped. His face is concealed by dripping black hair, and Light watches as the droplets land on his ankle, where the former is holding it. There is a strange look in Light's eyes.
Slowly, Light turns to the side and picks up his discarded towel. He reaches forward and gently brushes over Ryuzaki's hair and face with it, collecting the rain. Ryuzaki doesn't move as Light does this, stare and hand still on Light's ankle.
Light (Softly) You're still wet.
Ryuzaki (Still whispering) … Sorry…
Light doesn't say anything. Eventually, Ryuzaki returns to carefully drying Light's foot, still thinking, and Light watches him. For a while, piano music plays in the background, until Ryuzaki pauses. Now, they are both whispering.
Ryuzaki (Wistful) … It'll be lonely, won't it?
Light [Snaps out of his trance] Huh?
It is then that Ryuzaki finally looks at Light, and when he does, there's a ghost of a sad smile on his lips.

[Pause, smiling gently] … You and I will be parting ways soon.

They hold each other's gazes until the piano music begins to fade, and Light looks numb, almost in shock. What interrupts this is the ringing of Ryuzaki's phone; he drops the towel, holding the phone to his ear. All the while, Light is staring at his back.
Ryuzaki (On the phone) Yes? … Understood. I'll be there straight away. [Puts his phone back in his pocket, back still to Light] Shall we go then? Light-kun. [Pause] … It…looks like things have gone well.
He leaves no time for Light to respond, because he walks away quickly. Light is still staring at him in astonishment, but hurries to follow Ryuzaki.
Outside the rain is still heavy. Ryuzaki and Light pass the doors to where the others are gathered.
Matsuda (Panicking) Ryuzaki, what's the meaning of this?! You've got permission from a ruined country to use the notebook in an execution?!
Ryuzaki [Ignores Matsuda and sits in his chair] Watari, good job.
Watari (From behind the computer screen) No problem.
Ryuzaki Please begin the arrangements to transport the notebook at once.
Watari Yes.
Light (Rushed) Ryuzaki! What's going on?
Ryuzaki [Picks up his spoon and waves it above the open Death Note] We're going to test this notebook for real.
Everyone in the room, excluding Ryuzaki, gasps in horror.
Aizawa (Loudly) We can't do that! And there's no point in testing it now when we already know the notebook's power is real.
Matsuda And besides, who's gonna write the name? If someone starts writing in the notebook, they will have to obey the 13-day rule and keep writing names forever!
Ryuzaki It's already been worked out. The person who will write in the notebook is a criminal scheduled to be executed in just over 13 days. If he's still alive 13 days after writing the name, he will be pardoned from execution.
Matsuda gasps.
Soichiro (Eyes down, conflicted) But still, to sacrifice a life--
Ryuzaki (With a sudden harshness) We're very close. If we work this out, the entire case will be solved.
The music crescendos, and lightning strikes over the roof. The camera suddenly flashes to Rem, whose eyes are glowing, and is shown to be standing behind Ryuzaki. It shows more lightning behind the building, and then back again to the task force. The light from the screens suddenly cuts out, and begins blaring a bright red. An alarm sounds.
Matsuda (Panicking) What is this?! A blackout?
Ryuzaki's stern expression is shown. In Watari's office, we see Rem standing over him. He is slumped on top of his computer, groaning in pain. Rem retreats as Watari struggles to reach behind the keyboard of his computer. His groaning turns to gasping and sweat beads on his forehead. Ryuzaki's face appears on the screen.
Ryuzaki (Shocked) Watari?
The camera reveals what Watari was reaching for- a square red button on the back of the keyboard. He presses it. One by one, the cameras display a blank white screen with the words "All data deletion".
Ryuzaki Watari!
Watari collapses to the floor, dead.
Aizawa Data deletion? What the hell is going on?
Ryuzaki I told Watari to make sure that he should erase all information in the event that something were to happen to him
Aizawa If something were to happen?
Matsuda Could it be?
Ryuzaki (Looks behind him) Where's the shinigami?
Soichiro Good question. I don't see it.
Rem writes a name in her death note
Mogi It dissapeared!
Task force members look around
Soichiro What's going on?
Ryuzaki Everyone, the shiniga-
L stops talking. A heartbeat sound plays. Light stares at L triumphantly.
L's spoon drops out of his hand.He slowly falls off his chair, as Light watches. Light dives, intending to look like he was trying to save L.
Matsuda Ryuzaki! What's wrong?!
Matsuda dashes towards L
The bell tolls for the final time
Light stares at L's body as he holds him in his arms.
L hallucinates the bells tolling once more, he sees the roof of the church. He sees a child crying. More visions.
Rem begins disentegrating
More visions of the church, he sees the trees of the Wammy's House as a bright light overtakes his vision.
L is dead.
Light smiles.
L's eyes slowly close
Lights peformance begins
Light (Sadly) He-hey? Ryuzaki? Come on! Snap out of it!
Soichiro What happened?
Mogi What's going on?
Light screams, seemingly in terror
Soichiro Calm down Light.
Light (Apparently fearfully) We're all gonna die! Watari, Ryuzaki.. It'll be us next!
Aizawa gasps stumbles backwards and falls. Matsuda screams. Soichiro gasps. Mogi is in shock.
Light smiles, knowing they've fallen for it.
Light Damn you! Where are you shinigami!? Come out!
Soichiro Wait, Light!
Light You know something about this, don't you? Come on out!
Light walks out
Soichiro We better go and look too.
Matsuda Right.
Aizawa Mogi, take over for me
Mogi Okay. (Walks over to Aizawa, taking over holding L's body)
Rest of the task force follows Light
Light stands over the pile of ash, formerly Rem. He grabs her death note.
Light There's something here!
Soichiro (Looking at Rem's ashes) What the hell is this stuff?
Matsuda Sand?
Soichiro What does this mean?
Light Whatever it might mean, whatever happens next, I swear i will avenge Ryuzaki's death. I'm going to solve this case in honour of him... and for Watari... and all the other victims.
Soichiro Light...
Aizawa Let's do this. For them.
Matsuda Yeah but... aren't we all gonna get killed? Isn't that what all of this really means?
Light Matsuda, if you're afraid of dying then leave the investigation. We put our lives on the line when we chose to be here.
Matsuda Yeah that's true. But.. it's weird hearing you say that. You sound like Ryuzaki
Light walks away, confident that the task force will want him to replace L
Light walks in a hallway.
Light I've gotten rid of everything in my way.
Lightning crashes as Light smiles menacingly
Light I am the god of the new world