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Shingo Mido (三堂 芯吾, Midō Shingo) is one of the eight members of the Yotsuba Group.


Mido has a short crop of light-brown hair that is combed more to the right side. He wears a small pair of thin, black-framed glasses. He is seen wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a white tie.

In the manga, Misa Amane notes that Mido shares a resemblance to Light Yagami.


Mido is the Vice President of Corporate Strategy and the Director of Financial Planning at Yotsuba. According to Death Note 13: How to Read, he is a graduate of To-Oh University's Law department and his hobby is fencing. His only known relative is his father, Eigo Mido, a member of the House of Councilors. Despite his position within the company, the book also states that Mido dislikes finance.

He disagrees with Kira's actions and is an unwilling member of the Meetings of Death, pondering leaving the other board members. How to Read 13 states that Mido "seems" to have a "sense of appreciation" for Yotsuba.


Mido's death

Mido's death in the Relight special

Mido takes part in the Meetings of Death along with other members of the Yotsuba Group. He is eventually approached by Suguru Shimura, who is unable to go along with Kira's plans any longer. They hold a private meeting at Mido's house on the night of Higuchi's arrest and are later joined by Reiji Namikawa to discuss Kira's possible identity and make plans to attempt to stop him. They never take further action due to Higuchi's apprehension later that night.

A little over five months after L's death, Mido is killed by Light along with the other remaining Yotsuba Group members. At their last meeting in the anime, Mido was talking to Masahiko Kida. Mido suffers a heart attack and dies, his body collapsing on the floor.

In other media[]

Mido drama

Mido in the 2015 TV Drama

In the 2015 television drama, Mido's role is significantly reduced; he has a total of one speaking line of his own ("Why?"). He and the other six Yotsuba Group members survive the series.