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Shin Kuromoto (黒元晋, Kuromoto Shin, reading unverified) is a supporting character exclusive to the Death Note film series. He is a member of the new Task Force ten years after the original Kira case.


Kuromoto is a Japanese man with short brown hair and brown eyes. He appears to be in his forties.[1] He wears a suit to work, and he is often shown sucking on candy.


Very little is known about Kuromoto, which is intentionally how the new Task Force is set up to protect its members. Like the rest of the Task Force, he has no living family.


In the first episode of Death Note: New Generation, Kuromoto is a member of the Task Force when Tsukuru Mishima joins. Kuromoto's partner is Uei Uragami. The two of them are in the room with Rokuro Natsugawa when he begins to recite Kira's message under control of a Death Note. When Natsugawa tries to bite off his own tongue, Kuromoto and Uragami stop him, but he still dies of a heart attack. When the Kira deaths resume, Kuromoto decides to stay on with the Task Force despite the risk.

Kuromoto appears again briefly in Death Note: Genius of the Counterattack. In a meeting with the Task Force, Kuromoto wonders aloud who the new Kira is since Light Yagami is dead.

He returns in the film Death Note: Light Up the NEW World and its novelization. He assists with tracking down Sakura Aoi, and later he touches her Death Note to see Bepo with the other Task Force members. Kuromoto and Uragami later monitor Misa Amane, but find nothing suspicious.

Kuromoto is with the team that tracks down Yuki Shien's location, and he witnesses Touta Matsuda's death.

Kuromoto name and lifespan

Kuromoto's name and lifespan seen by Misa

After Sugawara disbands the Task Force, Kuromoto joins with Uragami, Sho Nanase, and Mishima to help Ryuzaki attempt to get the four Death Notes from Shien. When Ryuzaki appears to die of a heart attack, Kuromoto identifies Misa Amane, and he and Uragami go after her. While escaping, Yuki Shien pulls Kuromoto's mask off so Misa can see his face. Kuromoto dies of a heart attack, killed by Misa with Death Note paper. His partner Uragami dies shortly after him in the same way.


  • Kuromoto's given name (晋, possibly Shin) is only seen in the credits and is never spoken. The pronunciation might be Shin, but could also be Shinji, Susumi, or Susumu.


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