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This page is for the bus driver. For the detective in Netflix's 2017 film, see Detective Sasaki.

Sasaki (佐々木, Sasaki) is a bus driver whose bus is heading for Spaceland when it is hijacked by Kiichiro Osoreda.


Sasaki has a short crop of brown hair and small brown eyes. He wears a blue bus driver's uniform and hat.


Sasaki is forced to call the office of Spaceland at gunpoint to announce the hijacking of the bus. The phone is taken from him by Osoreda, who makes his demands while holding the bus driver and seven passengers hostage. The moment Osoreda sees Ryuk, he tells Sasaki to stop the bus. He flees and is immediately hit by a car, as was written by Light Yagami in the Death Note.

He later helps Naomi Misora during her private investigation by ​telling her how the busjacking occurred. She shows him a picture of her with her fiancé, and Sasaki says that he remembers him, but he does not remember any of the other passengers.

In other media[]

Film series[]

In the first film, Sasaki is much the same as in canon. He drives the bus when it is hijacked and later answers questions for Naomi Misora.

Sasaki returns in L: Change the WorLd as a taxi driver. After witnessing the murder of her father, Maki Nikaido gets into his taxi and asks him to visit a series of addresses in an attempt to find Watari. After searching all through the night for the right place, he finally brings Maki to L.

2015 drama[]

In the 2015 television drama, Sasaki is much the same as in canon. When Sasaki asks Osoreda to sit, Osoreda pulls a gun on him. Sasaki stops the bus when Osoreda shoots himself in the stomach.