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Sanami (佐波, Sanami) is a character exclusive to the Death Note film series. She is a member of the Task Force.


Sanami is a young Japanese woman with long black hair and dark brown eyes. She wears professional clothes for her work, such as a black dress suit with white blouse.


Sanami is the only female member of the Task Force, which differs from the all-male team in the manga and anime. In Death Note: The Last Name, she tends to Misa Amane during her captivity and is more critical of the methods used by the investigation team, often calling them cruel.

In the Matsuda Spinoff short film, Sanami tries to help Touta Matsuda and passes him a note from Soichiro Yagami. The note tells Matsuda to visit Ryuzaki to help Matsuda find closure with the case.


  • It can be concluded that Sanami is the female counterpart of Ide, the last member of the Task Force in the manga/anime.


  1. The height of actress Miyuki Komatsu is 155 cm according to her Wikipedia page.
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