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Rokuro Natsugawa (夏河六郎, Natsugawa Rokurou) is a supporting character exclusive to the Death Note film series. He appears only in the first episode of the miniseries Death Note: New Generation.


Natsugawa is a Japanese man with short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.


Natsugawa serves pre-made bento lunches near a work site. When Tsukuru Mishima and Sho Nanase go to investigate the death of Shinya Gozu, Gozu's friend Kanada picks up his lunch from Natsugawa before speaking to them.

Mishima realizes that a local flower can cause paralysis and lead to death that appears to be of heart failure. The Task Force also realizes the Natsugawa has a history with the victim, and Shin Kuromoto and Uei Uragami bring him in for interrogation.

Natsugawa is interrogated by Touta Matsuda and Nanase. He confesses to murdering Gozu, who he knew from high school. Gozu had bullied Natsugawa's friend Yamazato to suicide. Since Kira was no longer around, Natsugawa took justice into his own hands and made Gozu's death appear to be a heart attack, just like Kira's victims.

Natsugawa's arrest is broadcast on the news along with the manner of his murder. Natsugawa's name is written in a Death Note by an unseen individual.

The Task Force is alerted that Natsugawa is acting strangely. He is repeating over and over that he is Kira and the Death Note has been resurrected. Natsugawa then attempts to commit suicide by biting his tongue, but the officers with him stop him and he dies of a heart attack.

Natsugawa's death is the first murder explicitly committed by the new Kira, and it announces Kira's return.

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