Roger Ruvie (ロジャー・ラヴィー, Rojā Ravī) is the manager of Wammy's House when Watari is not present. He later takes on the role of Watari and works with Near, who becomes the third L.


Roger from Near's flashback

Roger, years prior.

Roger is an elderly man with white hair. He has light colored eyes and wears glasses.


According to Death Note 13: How to Read, he is described as grumpy and studious. He dislikes children and likes insect books.



Roger in the manga.

Roger is a close friend of Watari and took over control of the orphanage, Wammy's House, when he left. His job is to assemble talented kids and raise an heir to the L name.

After L and Watari's deaths, he receives a text message on his cell phone that reads, "L is dead."


Roger talks to Mello and Near.

After receiving the message, Roger leaves his office and sees a group of children come inside after playing in the courtyard of the orphanage. As the children run in, he takes a boy's hand out of a smaller child's hair. The boy is revealed to be Mello; he holds his wrist and tells him and another boy, named Near, to come to his office.

Having brought Mello and Near to his office, Roger sits at his desk while Mello stands in front and Near sits on the floor beside Mello with a puzzle. Mello asks Roger why they were brought here, and Roger informs them that L is dead. Mello reacts strongly and leans over Roger's desk, yelling. He grabs Roger by his suit, demanding to know what happened to L, and asking if Kira killed him. Roger responds that that was probably what happened, and Mello asks Roger if he's saying that L was killed even though L said that he would catch Kira. As Mello continues to react, Near lifts his puzzle in the air and tips the pieces onto the floor, stating "If you can't win the game, if you can't solve the puzzle, you are just a loser." Mello looks at Near, before turning back to Roger and asking to know which one of them was chosen by L.


Mello reacts to hearing that L has died.

Roger says that L had not chosen yet and could no longer do so. He asks Mello and Near if they could just work together, to which Near responds positively, while Mello says it's impossible. Mello states that he could never work with Near because they do not get along before conceding that Near should be the next L because he is calm and uses his head. Mello tells Roger that he is leaving the "institution" to live his own way. Roger tries to stop him but Mello argues that he, having almost turned fifteen, is old enough to take care of himself. Mello leaves, shutting the door to Roger's office.

Roger as Watari

Roger as Watari.

In the epilogue taking place a year after Light Yagami's death, Roger has become the third Watari along with Near, the third L.


  • Roger possibly makes an appearance at the end of L: Change the WorLd, though it is not specified to be him.