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Roger Ruvie (ロジャー・ラヴィー, Rojā Ravī) is the manager of Wammy's House when Watari is not present. He later takes on the role of Watari and works with Near, who becomes the third L.


Roger is an elderly man with a balding head of gray hair and brown colored eyes. He wears small, round glasses and a brown coat.


According to Death Note 13: How to Read, he is described as grumpy and studious. He dislikes children and likes books about insects.


Roger from Near's flashback

Roger, years prior

Roger is a close friend of Watari's and took control of the orphanage, Wammy's House, when he left. His job is to assemble talented kids and raise an heir to the L name. In Death Note Relight 2: L's Successors, he hosts an event at the orphanage before the start of the series where L, through a computer screen and without a voice scrambler, speaks to the children and answers their questions.

After L and Watari's deaths, he receives a text message on his cell phone that reads, "L is dead." He leaves his office and sees a group of children coming inside from the orphanage courtyard. He removes Mello's hand from a smaller boy's hair and tells him and Near to come to his office.


Roger talks to Mello and Near

In his office, Roger sits at his desk and informs them that L is dead. While Near sits calmly on the floor, Mello reacts strongly, yelling and grabbing Roger by his suit, demanding to know if he had been killed by Kira. Roger confirms this likelihood, and Mello asks which one of them had been chosen by L.


Mello reacts to hearing that L has died

Roger informs them that L had not chosen yet and asks Mello and Near to work together. Near is in favor, while Mello refuses because they have never gotten along. He concedes that Near should be the next L because he is calm and uses his head and tells Roger that he is leaving the "institution" to live his own way. Roger tries to stop him, but Mello argues that he, having almost turned fifteen, is old enough to take care of himself. Mello leaves, shutting the door to Roger's office behind him.

Roger as Watari

Roger as Watari

In the epilogue taking place a year after Light Yagami's death, Roger has become the third Watari along with Near, the third L.


  • Roger possibly makes an appearance at the end of L: Change the WorLd, though the character is not specified to be him.