Ladies and gentlemen, this is your hijacker speaking. I'm afraid we’re going to be spending the next several hours together.

— (L: Change the WorLd, p 171)

Robert Fairman is an FBI agent and spy for Kimiko Kujo.


Not much is known about Fairman's history, save that he had some sort of relationship with Daisuke Matoba. Apparently, Fairman had tried to kill Matoba (who started the altercation is never specified, and only ended up giving Matoba a large scar on his face. Matoba had thought Fairman to be dead after that, but Fairman lived on and began working for Kujo, presumably in order to get his revenge on Matoba, telling Matoba that he "may not get off with just a scar" once he sees him again.


Fairman is a new FBI agent and meant to be Naomi Misora's successor. He and Sugita are given a fake task (Fairman is aware that it is fake) to bring confidential, twenty-year-old documents to the Secretary of State.

On their way to deliver the documents, Fairman exits the car, claiming that he is going to get some cigarettes, and shoots an oncoming vehicle, causing it to skid on the road and start a fire. He flees into a nearby boutique, where he is pursued by Sugita. Fairman informs Sugita that he had hoped Sugita would die in the fire so that he could report that Sugita and the documents (which could compromise Blue Ship) had burned. Fairman then escapes by foot and is followed by Sugita.

When Sugita catches up to him, Fairman grabs an elderly woman and holds her at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Watari is hidden, pointing a sniper rifle at Fairman and ready to shoot. Suddenly, a young Japanese girl with a Coke puts her Mentos into the soft drinks and aims the drink at Fairman, shooting him with the fizzy liquid.

Sugita uses this opportunity to subdue Fairman by shooting him in the shoulder, and Watari to shoot the case full of the documents (which is actually a fake containing explosives). The young girl walks away, telling Fairman that he should respect his elders, and Fairman is caught.

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