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Opening Theme
Lightning strikes; Rem inside of Task Force Headquarters, eyes glowing red. The screens the task force are looking at all go red, and there is a beeping sound.
Touta Matsuda What is this?
Rem is alone with Watari, who is grunting in pain as he collapses onto the floor. With his ounce of strength, Watari looks at Ryuzaki on the screen, and then presses a button on his keyboard which deletes all data. Ryuzaki's image on the screen turns to static and then goes black. Rem hastily writes in her Death Note, and everything is red.
Ryuzaki Everyone! The shiniga— [heartbeat] uh. [heartbeat]
Shot of Light Yagami, and then a closeup of Ryuzaki's hand, dropping his spoon. Ryuzaki falls off of his chair onto the ground in slow motion. Closeup of Light. The screen fades to black, and the title screen "Renewal" fades in, "L's Theme A" playing in the background.
Flashbacks of L's first confrontation with Kira
L Now, try to kill me!

Although this was announced as a worldwide broadcast, the truth is, we are only broadcasting in the Kanto region of Japan. [Flashback of news broadcast reporting on Kuro Otoharada]

In actuality, the first of your victims was a suspect in Shinjuku. Furthermore, his crime was only ever reported inside of Japan. [Shot of L talking through voice modifier] I used that information to deduce this much: [Takuo Shibuimaru's death scene] You are in Japan, and your first victim was little more than an, experiment, which means that you haven't been killing for very long. [Shot of policemen doing various activities, including reading reports Kira has found a way to obtain information from the Task Force Headquarters]

There are one-hundred and forty-one people in the police force who have access to classified information regarding the investigation. [L setting down a pile of dossiers, including Soichiro Yagami's]

I'm sure that somewhere in this list of police officers, and the people closest to them… we will find our suspect. [Shot of Raye Penber as the subject shifts]

On December 14th, twelve FBI investigators enter Japan. [Shots of the suicide note a prisoner wrote, dead prisoners, and the pentagram of blood that had been drawn on the wall]

Here we are on December 19th. Using prison inmates, Kira conducts experiments, manipulating his victims' actions before they die.

[Flashback of Kiichiro Osoreda shooting at Ryuk, Raybe Penber ordering everyone to duck for cover, and then Kiichiro fleeing the bus as an oncoming vehicle approaches]

He needed to know how much control over his victims he had before he could use it against the twelve agents.

[Screen fades to black and then fades in onto the scene of Kiichiro's death]

I suspect Kira [flashback of Raye Penber and Light's confrontation at the subway] had to be one of the people being investigated by the FBI, [Raye Penber dying of a heart attack] Between the fourteenth, and the nineteenth of December. In fact I have no doubt. [flashback of L getting a call] Raye Penber's fiancée? Naomi Misora. So it's her…