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In April 2012, Light Yagami, age 23, joined Japan’s National Police Agency. In the summer of 2012, Kira's killings increased at an unprecedented rate. Numerous people around the world were terrified of Kira, and yet there were just as many cheering him on. Gradually, their private thoughts became public opinion. And soon, certain nations began to accept Kira's judgment. The world was heading into a dark age in which Kira's will was the only law.


Renewal (再生, Saisei) is the twenty-sixth episode of the Death Note anime series.


Roger Ruvie receives a message that L has died. Meanwhile, the Investigation Team learns that Watari was an inventor who used his wealth to create orphanages all over the world.

Aizawa, Matsuda, Mogi, and Soichiro all agree that Light should become the new L. Light agrees, but says he will be more cautious than L was. Light also requests that he work from his own one bedroom apartment. Soichiro says he has no qualms about that idea, and Matsuda suggests they use the apartment as their new headquarters. Light says he can use software to re-create the voices of L and Watari so the Investigation Team can continue to work with the police.

The only problem the Investigation Team faces is what they will do with the Death Note. They agree that one of the members must hide it and not tell anyone where it is. Soichiro assumes this responsibility. The Investigation Team seems optimistic that they will succeed in capturing Kira, and Matsuda wants to throw an inauguration party for Light replacing L.

While on a date in a café, Light tells Misa that he will now have his own apartment, and asks her to live with him. Misa is overjoyed and agrees to live with Light. Later that evening, Light stands on the rooftop of the Investigation Team's old headquarters with Ryuk. Ryuk says that with L dead there will no longer be anything interesting to see, but Light says that isn't true. Light declares that he will now create his new world and begins to judge criminals again. He also kills Aiber, Wedy, and all of the remaining six members of the Yotsuba Group leadership.

Through narration, it is revealed that in April 2012, Light Yagami, now 23 years old, joins the national police. In the summer of that year, the rate of Kira's punishments dramatically increases. This makes Kira known to everyone all over the world and the voices of Kira's supporters start to become more dominant. The world is heading towards Kira being the law.

The episode ends with a man at an orphanage in England having confirmed the deaths of Watari and L, and revealing this information to two onlooking orphans.

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