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Gelus with death note Information important to every Death Note can be found on Death Note (object). A complete list of rules of how to use a Death Note can be found on Rules of the Death Note.

This is the notebook that was left behind when Rem died. Light then picked it up and gained ownership. During the battle with Mello, this notebook was given to the task force in order to attack the Mafia members.

Death Note 13: How to Read

Rem's Death Note is the third Death Note used in the series. It is owned by Rem until her death.


Like most other Death Notes, Rem's is a plain black devoid of text.


Manga and anime

Rem's Death Note remains in her possession until her death. She uses it to protect Misa by killing Watari and L. When this act causes her to die and turn to dust, her notebook is left behind, making it the property of the Human World. Light retrieves the notebook from Rem's ashes, and ownership of the notebook is taken by Light.

Years later, Light gives the Death Note to Ryuk in order to make him the Shinigami attached to it. Light then keeps it until he gives it to the Task Force to use against the Mafia. Soichiro Yagami becomes the holder of the notebook and makes the trade with Ryuk for the Shinigami Eyes. Later, Aizawa brings the notebook to the Yellowbox Warehouse, after which the notebook is burned by Near, causing it to disappear from the Human World.

Live-action films

In Death Note: The Last Name, Light and the Task Force never gain this notebook. Rem destroys it in order to prevent Light from ever being able to use it, and then she dies saving Misa.