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Quarter Queen (クオーター・クイーン, Kuōtā Kuīn) is a thirteen-year-old girl and the second victim of the Wara Ningyo Murders.


Quarter Queen is a young girl with blonde hair.


Quarter Queen lived in a small apartment with her single mother. Their home is a single bedroom apartment meant for college students, but the family is very poor.

Quarter Queen was murdered while her mother was out of town, four days after the murder of Believe Bridesmaid. She is drugged, but the ultimate cause of death is blunt force trauma to the skull. Her eyes are crushed post-mortem, and glasses are placed on her face. Three wara ningyo are found nailed to the walls.


At Believe Bridesmaid's house, Naomi Misora and Rue Ryuzaki decipher a code left behind by the killer. Two volumes of Akazukin Chacha are replaced with the book Insufficient Relaxation by Permit Winter. Using the Roman numerals that were carved into Bridesmaid's chest, they discover that the numbers coincide with pages of the book. The first letter of the first word on these pages, and subsequent letters coinciding with numbers that wrap around the book, create a message spelling out Quarter Queen's name.

When observing the crime scene, Naomi and Ryuzaki realize that the glasses the victim was found wearing did not actually belong to her and that the contact lenses she usually wore had been removed. Though Quarter Queen had a prescription for glasses, the glasses she was found wearing after her death are a message left behind to indicate the detectives' blind spot.

Naomi finds the death of Quarter Queen to be particularly tragic. This is partly because she was so young, but also because her age is the same as the teenage criminal whom Naomi had been unable to will herself to shoot during an FBI drug heist.


  • Even if Quarter Queen had not been murdered, she would have died on August 4 regardless, as the first three victims of the Los Angeles B.B. Murder Case were all killed on the day their lifespan was supposed to come to an end. However, it is also possible that her life was originally supposed to end because she was murdered by Beyond Birthday.