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Cut to: brief shot of two buildings, then Light Yagami and Shoko Maki walking down the street together
Light [thinking] Regardless of how she came to the conclusion, the fact remains this woman knows the truth. If she gives this information to the police, it won't take them long to figure out that Kira is actually me. I have no choice but to eliminate her.
Shoko Something wrong?
Light [stops] Oh, it's nothing. But the more I think about it, the more your theory makes sense to me. We can't waste any time. We need to start investigating it right away.
Shoko What? Really? Do you mean that?
Light Yes. So have you told anyone else about this?
Shoko No. You're the first person I've told.
Ryuk [chuckles] You're lucky, but how can you get rid of her? It's not like you can do it here.
Light [thinking] Well, you have a gift for stating the obvious, Ryuk. [reaches into pocket and pulls out paper from the Death Note and a pencil]
Ryuk Oh, aren't you bold.
Light Let's get started. Could you please tell me the date and time of the bus-jacking incident?
Shoko It was December twentieth, in front of Asagao Hill, at 11:02 A.M., bound for Space Land.
Light [writing] December twentieth, and they were on their way to Space Land.
Shoko Yes.
Shot of the paper. Light has written "Thinks of the best way to commit suicide that won't bother others and will make it so her body isn't discovered. Thinks of nothing but suicide, carries out her plan, and dies within 48 hours." Ryuk laughs.
Light [thinking] This way, no one will find her body. And even if they do, they'll just assume that the death of her fiancé drove her to commit suicide.
Ryuk [laughs]
Light [thinking] Hmm? What's so funny, Ryuk?
Ryuk continues to laugh maniacally
Cut to: exterior of Teito Hotel
Ryuzaki I apologize for questioning you all like that, but I am afraid I had no other choice.
Cut inside to Ryuzaki and task force sitting around a table
Ryuzaki [cont'd] I've determined that Kira is not among us.
The task force members all sigh in relief
Soichiro Ryuzaki, how can you be certain that we're all innocent?
Ryuzaki Well, to be honest, from the beginning I set a number of traps that would reveal if any of you was Kira. But after speaking with you one-on-one, I don't feel the need.
"Huhs" and sighs of relief from the task force Ryuzaki's cellphone rings
Ryuzaki Excuse me. [picks up phone]
Matsuda [thinking] Unbelievable. He tells us to turn off our cellphones.
Ryuzaki [on phone] Understood. I'm just about finished here anyway. You got the key so let yourself in. [hangs up] Watari is on his way.
The task force members gasp
Cut to: Light and Shoko
Light [putting paper and pencil in his pocket] So that's everything. I'd like to report this incident to my father, if it's okay with you, that is.
Shoko Well, if it's all the same, I think I'd like to report it myself. And after talking to you, I've decided that it would be best to do it as soon as possible. [turns and starts walking]
Light [following] Uh, that makes sense. [thinking] Just ten seconds until 1:15. I have to admit, I'd really love to see how she dies, but I can't be caught following her around. [closeup of his watch ticking in the background] Go on. Hurry to your death.
The clock strikes its final number, but nothing happens. They continue to walk as it ticks in the background
Shoko Kira will definitely be caught. Don't you think?
Light [eyes widening] Huh? ...Hmm [checks watch; ticking stops][thinking] What's going on? It should have happened already. This doesn't make sense. I don't understand why she's not leaving. I've had no problems making people kill themselves in the past. All I had to do is write the word "suicide". The criminals I tested it on all hung themselves exactly when I specified. My experiments indicate that in a situation like this, I should be able to control a person's actions. So what's wrong?
Ryuk [laughs maniacally]
Light [thinking] Ryuk... He laughed just like that when I was writing in the Death Note. And that's not all. I remember thinking how it was bizarre how he laughed when I asked for her name. In fact, he's reacted the same way every time her name comes up. An alias!
Transition to: Teito Hotel. Watari stands in front of the task force. They gasp. He takes off his hat.
Watari Gentlemen, it's an honor to meet all of you.
Quiet gasps from the task force]
Aizawa This person is Watari?
Matsuda Um, what about your usual outfit?
Watari If I dressed like that, I'd be announcing to the world that I am "Watari". That's all it takes to give away the location of our headquarters and Ryuzaki.
Matsuda Oh. I see.
Watari Ordinarily, I would never show my face to any of you. The fact that I'm here is proof that you've won Ryuzaki's trust.
Matsuda [rubbing the back of his head] Now that you mention it, I do feel honored. [laughs nervously]
Watari [holding forth a silver briefcase] Well then, I've brought those items you requested. It's all here.
Ryuzaki Could you please pass them out to everyone?
Watari Yes. [opens briefcase to reveal new police IDs] Gentlemen, these are your new police IDs.
Task force "uhs" and "huhs" in confusion
Aizawa But what for?
Cut back to: Light and "Shoko Maki" walking down the street
Light [thinking] She used an alias. That has to be it! Ryuk knew all along. He could see her real name with his eyes. That's why he wouldn't stop laughing. I should've known. She's been overly cautious from the beginning. I see. It makes a lot of sense. She believes that Raye died because he showed his ID to Kira. So of course she'd be careful not to reveal her own identity. Oh, this isn't good. It's gonna be almost impossible to ask for her real name knowing she gave me an alias the first time. If I'm too persistent, she'll get suspicious. What am I saying? It looks suspicious that I even knew she was using an alias.
"Shoko" [stops and turns to look at Light] I should probably be getting back soon.
Light Hmm?
"Shoko" Someone from the task force might be back there by now.
Light Oh, yeah, you could be right. Let's cross our fingers and hope someone's there.
"Shoko" Yeah. ["walks off"]
Light ["thinking"] Dammit! I'm running out of options here. ["quietly growls and starts to follow Maki again"] I have to stop this before it's too late. Oh no. What if my father calls back now? I already promised her that I'd let her talk to him if he did. If this phone rings, it's all over for me. What am I gonna "do"? ["pause"] This is crazy. All I have to do is turn my cellphone off. ["phone beeps off"] Problem solved. Now, calm down. You know what needs to be done. Just find out her real name. Her purse. Her pockets. She's gotta have a driver's license or some kind of personal identification on her somewhere. She's a woman after all. I suppose if I "had" to, I could use force. No... no, the last thing I want to do is make a scene in public. I've gotta get her somewhere isolated. But where? And what explanation could I give her? Ah, it would never work, she's too careful. I need a better approach. I can do this. I'm going to convince her to give me her real name.
"Ryuk laughs. He hovers behind Light and his eyes glow red."
Ryuk Hey, Light. You know, that deal I mentioned is still open. It's just like putting on contact lenses. Completely painless.
Light ["thinking"] Would I be giving to give up half my life, just so I could learn this woman's real name? ...No. I "wouldn't". In fact, it's not even worth considering. Now quit wasting my time! Just shut your mouth, Shinigami.
"Shoko" ["stops and turns"] Excuse me.
Light ["stops"] Yes?
"Shoko" Uh, do you still have business at the police station, then? I'd like to go there by myself, if you don't mind.
Light ["pauses"] Yeah, no problem.
Fade in from black to: task force in L's suite staring at their new badges. Brief closeup of Soichiro's, with the fake name "Asashi Siyuurou" written on it."
Soichiro Our names and ranks are false.
Matsuda Why did you give us fake IDs?
Ryuzaki As you know, Kira requires a name and a face to kill. ["sips tea"] We will confront him with that premise in mind. And I think it should be obvious why.
Ukita Yes, but of all people, the police shouldn't use fake IDs.
Soichiro Enough. What choice do we really have, given the capabilities of our enemy? As long as you're working on this case, I think we're going to need all the protection one can get. It would be foolish not to use them.
Matsuda Yeah, you've got a good point.
Aizawa [nods] Uh-huh.
Ryuzaki Remember, anytime you're in a situation where you have to give out your name to a stranger, make sure to use the name from your fake ID. Undestood?
Nods and grunts of confirmation
Matsuda Right.
Ryuzaki And be careful not to take them out while in the presence of other police officers. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that could cause problems for us.
Nods and grunts of confirmation
Aizawa I understand.
Watari [opening another silver briefcase on a table filled with belts] Very well, then. I'd like to request that you wear these at all times.
Matsuda Uh, belts?
Watari Each one has a transmitter in the buckle. This will allow Ryuzaki to monitor your whereabouts. And when you press the buckle twice like this...
He presses the buckle of the belt in his hand, and his cellphone begins to ring. He fishes for it in his pocket.
Watari [cont'd] cell phone will ring, displaying your name. [hangs up cell phone] And I'll call you back immediately, but you won't see my number displayed. In the morning, all of you will go to the police station as usual. Then, later on in the day, we'll use this method, we'll use this method to confirm the name of Ryuzaki's hotel and his room number. Please use this for emergencies as well
Matsuda [smiling and fiddling with his belt] No way, this is totally cool! I feel like some kind of secret agent going after Kira!
Soichiro Quiet, Matsuda! This is not the time to be fooling around. Knock it off!
Matsuda [dejectedly] Yes, sir.
Cut to: "Shoko" and Light
"Shoko" Thank you so much for everything you've done, Light. After talking to you, I feel much more confident about my theory.
Light Not at all
"Shoko" nods and begins to walk away
Light [thinking] Considering that Ryuk mentioned that eye deal again, there's no doubt in my mind that she used an alias. At this rate, once she goes to the police with her theory about Kira being on that bus, and they look at all the people Raye Penber was investigating, it won't take them long to zero in on me.
Ryuk [chuckles] Hey, she's leaving. So now what?
Light [thinking] I've got about five minutes before that woman gets to police headquarters. Think. I need her real name, and I don't have much time to spare.
Eyecatch out — "A god of death has no obligation to completely explain how to use the note or rules which apply to the human who owns it."
Eyecatch in — A god of death can extend his life by putting human names on the note, but humans cannot."
Fade in from black: Light following "Shoko Maki"
Light [thinking] If this woman makes it to the police station and someone from the task force has returned by then, it'll all be over for me. I've gotta find out a real name and eliminate her quickly. Only three minutes left until she reaches the station. Alright. [walks faster to catch up]
Ryuk Oh? Whatcha doin'?
Light Excuse me.
"Shoko" Yes?
"Kuroi Light" begins to play
Light There's something that I should probably tell you.
"Shoko" Okay.
Light The thing is, it'll be impossible for you to contact anyone from the task force directly.
"Shoko" Huh?
Light [thinking] That's right. Keep the conversation going. I just need to find something she can latch onto, and I've got her. Once she's comfortable, then I can get her real name. I can do this.
"Shoko" [annoyed] I can't contact anyone? But why not?
Light Didn't you find it odd there was no one at task force headquarters?
"Shoko" Uh, yeah, I did find it a bit strange, but I didn't...
Light Let me explain: the task force has been organized so that its members can't be identified and nobody on the outside knows who's in charge
"Shoko" Mmm...
Light If the members names were ever made public or the structure of the task force was revealed, we'd likely see another tragedy along the lines of the one that claimed your fiance's life.
"Shoko" I see.
Light That's why you were told earlier that no one was at task force headquarters. What I'm trying to say is, you'll never be able to talk to someone directly from the task force, because the police simply won't allow it.
Ryuk [chuckles] That's pretty clever. I'm impressed.
"Shoko" If this is supposed to be a secret, then how do you know so much?
"Kuroi Light" comes to a halt. Silence.
Light Very well. You leave me no choice. It's because I'm actually a member of the task force.
Ryuk Huh?
"Shoko" I'm sorry. You're telling me that you're an agent. Yes. L is currently in charge of the task force, and he's leading our investigation.
"Shoko" Yes. To be honest, I already suspected that.
Light He was concerned that the task force had become to small. Many detectives had quit, fearing for their lives, and so despite the fact that I'm a high school student, he brought me on board to help out with the investigation. After all, I've helped them solve cases in the past.
"Shoko" So L trusts you, then.
Light I can go to task force headquarters whenever it suits me, and I'm allowed to investigate freely as I see fit. You see, these days the task force is made up of a chosen few. An elite group of people handpicked for the job by L. All are highly skill, well respected, and above all, trustworthy.
Shoko [gasps]
Ryuk [laughs]
"Shoko" [pauses] Thanks for explaining, but just to be safe, I'd like to visit the task force headquarters again.
Light Huh?
"Shoko" Goodbye. [walks away]
Light Uh, please, wait a second! [runs to catch up] It's like I just told you. They won't let you talk to anyone.
"Shoko" I know, but I was hoping I could speak with L directly.
Light [lets out small breath]
Cut to: Ryuzaki's suite
Ryuzaki Oh, and come to think of it, who's at the police station right now?
Soichiro Actually, no one's there at the moment.
Ryuzaki That's not good news. We need someone there at all times. Work in shifts if you have to.
Soichiro I understand. Aizawa, I'll put you in charge of that for today.
Aizawaw [standing up] Yes, sir. I'm on my way. Won't take me long.
Cut to: Light and "Shoko Maki"
Light [urgently] Miss Maki, please, wait a second! It's literally impossible to meet L. This is pointless!
Light gets in front of "Shoko". The two face each other.
"Shoko" You may be right. But I think that there's a chance that he'll meet with me.
Light Huh?
"Shoko" Although the only contact I've had with him is following orders through a computer, he might remember who I am. You see, I worked under him in a case in the U.S. about two years ago.
Light A-are you serious? You worked under L?
"Shoko" Yes. I didn't tell you this, but up until three months ago, I worked as an FBI agent.
Light [gasps][thinking] This is it. Finally, something I can use. [aloud] Guess I shouldn't be surprised. In fact, I noticed early on that your investigative skills were far beyond those of an amateur.
"Kuroi Light" plays
Light [cont'd] You're very cautious, and you seem to have a gift for getting to the heart of the matter. [starts walking away and stops when behind her] If I could, I'd like to learn from you.
Ryuk [laughs] One lie after another. You make it look easy.
"Shoko" From the beginning, I knew I had to do things outside the regular channels, because from my perspective, both the police and the members of the task force were suspects. But I'm certain that I can trust L. Maybe it's unrealistic, but I think that if I go to the headquarters and give them my name, there's a chance that they'll let me speak with him directly.
Light I see. But if the only person you could trust with this info was L, then why me?
"Shoko" I suppose I was upset that they wouldn't allow me to see anyone from the task force, and then you came along, claiming to be the son of the lead detective and... No, that's not it. I'll be honest with you. It's because, you remind me of L. There's something about you that's just like him.
Light Hmm... [turns around to face her] Will you investigate this case with me?
"Shoko" Huh?
Light I want you to come work with us as part of the task force. We could use your help.
Brief shot of Aizawa outside of the Teito Hotel. Back to Light and "Shoko". Light is holding out his hand to her.
Light [cont'd] Please, I know this is sudden, but the team needs people like you. I'm serious. You could be doing so much more than gathering information on your own. You have all the experience as an FBI agent, your more talented than most of the detectives currently on the task force, and L obviously trusted you in the past. It wouldn't be that difficult for you to join. All you'd need is some valid identification, a recommendation from a current task force member, and of course, you'd need to get L's permission.
"Shoko" You want me to join the task force?
Light I can't help but think it must be fate that I met you today. I'd like to be the one to recommend you.
Brief shot of Aizawa walking down the street
Light [cont'd][rubbing the back of his head] Oh, I'm sorry about that. I guess I got a little bit too excited.
"Shoko" It's okay. [chuckles]
Light I mean, even if you acted as a consultant on this investigation, it would be a great help. I'm sure you have personal obligations to attend to. Not to mention the fact that you live in the United States.
"Shoko" It's true. Before all this happened, I thought I'd continue living in America with my fiancé. We'd planned on getting married in the spring. But now he's gone, so I'm not sure what to do anymore.
Light [thinking] Alright, I've come this far. All she needs is a little encouragement. [aloud] But you're young and beautiful and you've got your life ahead of you. Why put it all in danger for this
"Shoko" [desperately] No! Now that Raye's gone, I've got nothing to lose anymore. I want to catch Kira! I don't care about anything else. It's all I wanna do. Please let me investigate this case with you.
Ryuk Huh? [laughs hysterically]
Light Yes, of course. I just need to see some form of identification before we proceed.
"Shoko" Oh, um...
Light Yes?
"Shoko" You see, the name I gave you earlier, well, it wasn't actually my real name. [bows] I'm so sorry.
Light Don't worry, it's all right. To be honest, I'm impressed by how incredibly thorough you've been. But I suppose that's just further proof of your capabilities.
"Shoko" So will a Japanese driver's license do the trick, then?
Light Sure.
"Shoko" pulls a driver's license out of her purse and hands it to Light. Shot of Aizawa, who looks up at the snow beginning to fall and pulls out his umbrella. He approaches Light and "Shoko".
Light [thinking] I made it in time.
The license reads "Naomi Misora" "Date of Birth: 2/11/1979" Light writes "Naomi Misora Suicide 1/1/2007" on a piece of paper of the Death Note he's pulled out of his pocket. Aizawa walks by. Light checks his watch.
Naomi Uh, so, if you don't mind me asking, why do you keep checking your watch?
Light [Oh, well... I guess it's because... [checks his watch, which has almost hit the forty second mark] Because I'm Kira.
Naomi gasps and her eyes widen. She let's out a small noise of fear right before the second hand reaches the 12. They stand facing each other in silence. Naomi's eyes go blank. After a moment, she turns around and walks away.
Light What's the matter?
Naomi There's something I have to do.
Light Hmm. [pulls out cellphone] My father's cellphone might be available now. Do you wanna see if you can talk to him?
Naomi No, thank you. I have nothing to say to him.
Light Then goodbye, Naomi Misora.
Light Okay, so the busjacker didn't die of a heart attack, and based on that, you're saying Kira has other ways of killing people?
Light and Ryuk watch Naomi walk away. The background fades to black with nothing but Naomi and a staircase leading up to a noose. She ascends the stairs, and everything fades to black.
Ending credits
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Light With Ryuk's information and my preparations, I can continue to kill criminals who names are broadcast on the news, while masquerading as a typical high school student studying for his entrance exams. Just watch me, L.

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