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Othellonia (オセロニア) is a Japanese mobile strategy game. In September 2017, it had a Death Note collaboration event during which Death Note characters were available in the game.

About Othellonia[]

Othellonia is a mobile game based on the board game Reversi. It is available on both Apple and Android devices.

Description of the gameplay:[1]

Othellonia is a black and white checkers game that features the "God," "Magic," and "Dragon" roles. This RPG game involves checker battles that is similar to the board game Reversi. Victory over others is achieved through skill and strategy. The special abilities of each character is what makes this game diverse and different from others.

Death Note collaboration[]

Othellonia 02

Death Note collaboration event notice

In September 2017, Othellonia had a collaboration event with Death Note. The event was first announced in August 2017 with ads in Weekly Shonen Jump, and the main in-game event was held September 8th-20th.

During the event period, Death Note characters could be obtained in the game. Players could acquire Light Yagami, L, Misa Amane, Kiyomi Takada, Teru Mikami, Mello, Near, Watari, Sayu Yagami, Soichiro Yagami, Touta Matsuda, Kyosuke Higuchi, Hitoshi Demegawa, Ryuk, Rem, and Sidoh. L could be obtained as a login reward during the event. Most of the other characters were available through Gacha (in which a character was randomly selected). The shinigami Ryuk, Rem, and Sidoh were available as rewards at in-game Colosseum events.

The Colosseum battle area of the game had three Death Note events to play, one for each shinigami: Rem, Ryuk, and Sidou. In the Colosseum, players are set against other random players, and moves are timed. Winning in the Death Note Colosseum events could acquire additional cards of the shinigami characters.

The Solo Play battle area had four Death Note events to play: Light and Ryuk, Misa and Rem, Mello and Sidoh, and L. In Solo Play, players battle against a computer and moves are not timed. However, the computer's side starts with a noticeable advantage in the board setup. Winning in the Death Note Solo Play events could acquire specific limited evolution materials needed to evolve certain Death Note characters, such as apples, chocolate, and Death Notes.

The original anime series voice actors were recruited for their characters both in the game and for commercials.

Othellonia offered several features on its website dedicated to the collaboration. Users could take a quiz to be associated with, or "diagnosed" as, a character, and the results could be shared on social media such as Twitter. Freebies such as themed wallpapers were released throughout the event to encourage return visits.

List of Death Note cards[]

This is a list of all of the Death Note character cards available in the game. There are thirty-two in total.

No. Card name Attribute Rarity Evaluation
1563 Light Yagami (夜神月) God S -/10
1564 "Distorted Justice" Light Yagami ([歪んだ正義]夜神月) God S+ 7.5/10
1565 "Embodied Justice" Light Yagami ([現れた正義]夜神月) God S+ 9.0/10
1566 Kiyomi Takada (高田清美) God S -/10
1567 "Spokesperson of God" Kiyomi Takada ([神の代弁者]高田清美) God S+ 8.0/10
1568 Watari (ワタリ) God A -/10
1569 "L's Right Hand" Watari ([Lの右腕]ワタリ) God A+ 7.5/10
1570 Sayu Yagami (夜神粧裕) God B 8.0/10
1571 Misa Amane (弥海砂) Demon S -/10
1572 "Second Kira" Misa Amane ([第二のキラ]弥海砂) Demon S+ 8.5/10
1573 Mello (メロ) Demon S ‐/10
1574 "Criminal Pursuing Kira" Mello ([キラを追う犯罪者]メロ) Demon S+ 8.0/10
1575 Kyosuke Higuchi (火口卿介) Demon A -/10
1576 "Third Kira" Kyosuke Higuchi ([第三のキラ]火口卿介) Demon A+ 7.5/10
1577 Hitoshi Demegawa (出目川仁) Demon B 6.0/10
1578 Teru Mikami (魅上照) Dragon S -/10
1579 "Agent of God" Teru Mikami ([神の代行者]魅上照) Dragon S+ 8.0/10
1580 Near (ニア) Dragon S -/10
1581 "Calm Person with a Sharp Tongue" Near ([冷静沈着な毒舌家]ニア) Dragon S+ 7.5/10
1582 Touta Matsuda (松田桃太) Dragon A -/10
1583 "Betrayed Trust" Touta Matsuda ([裏切られた信頼]松田桃太) Dragon A+ 7.0/10
1584 Soichiro Yagami (夜神総一郎) Dragon B 8.0/10
1585 L Dragon S -/10
1586 "Hates to Lose" L ([負けず嫌い]L) Dragon S+ 8.0/10
1587 "World's Greatest Detective" L ([世界一の探偵]L) God S+ 8.5/10
1588 "Shadow Top" L ([影のトップ]L) Demon S+ 7.0/10
1589 Rem (レム) God A -/10
1590 "White Shinigami" Rem ([白い死神]レム) God A+ 8.5/10
1591 Ryuk (リューク) Demon A -/10
1592 "Black Shinigami" Ryuk ([黒い死神]リューク) Demon A+ 8.5/10
1593 Sidoh (シドウ) Dragon A -/10
1594 "Cowardly Shinigami" Sidoh ([臆病者の死神]シドウ) Dragon A+ 6.0/10
3171 "Innocent Love" Misa ([純真無垢な愛]弥 海砂) God S+
3172 "Kira Resurrection" Light ([復活のキラ]夜神 月) Demon S+
3173 "L's Successor" Near ([Lの後継者]ニア) Dragon S+
3174 "Great Detective Pursuing Kira" L ([キラを追う名探偵]L Demon S+

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