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Omei Art Gallery (欧名美術館, Oumei Bijutsukan) is an art gallery in the Death Note film series, featured only in the first film. It is notably a place that Shiori Akino and Light Yagami visit together, and it is where the climax of the film takes place


The day after L's trap with Lind L. Tailor, Shiori visits Light at his home. Light wants to get away from the topic, and he and Shiori go out to Omei Art Gallery. As they walk around, they come across a couple kissing in one of the rooms. Light asks Shiori if she'd like to do the same, but she says not in public.

The art gallery is revisited at the end of the film. Naomi Misora takes Shiori hostage at gunpoint in an attempt to expose Light as Kira on camera for L. She forces Shiori to call Light to invite him to the gallery, where she'll meet him in front of a painting. The plan is to push Light into a situation where he would kill Naomi in order to save Shiori. However, this is a setup by Light, as he has already written Naomi and Shiori's names into the Death Note. Shiori is shot by Naomi as she tries to escape, and Naomi commits suicide by shooting herself in the head. As Shiori dies in Light's arms, they kiss, and Shiori says that they finally kissed in public.

In the aftermath of their deaths, Light sits on the steps of the gallery and reveals to Ryuk that he orchestrated their deaths. L arrives, and he and Light meet for the first time as L eats consomme-flavored potato chips.


  • The painting that Shiori tells Light to meet her by is titled "Masks and Shinigami" (仮面と死神, Kamen to Shinigami). The artist's name is shown in the film as Ekusuhso Kenak, which is an anagram for Shusuke Kaneko, the film's director.
  • When Shiori and Light first visit the gallery, the insert song playing is "Manatsu no Yoru no Yume" by Shikao Suga.
  • The chips L eats at the gallery are the same flavor chips that Light ate when he circumvented L's hidden cameras to kill new criminals without suspicion.
  • The scenes for Omei Art Gallery were filmed at the Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art (北九州市立美術館).
  • The name Omei (欧名) means "European Name," possibly indicating that the art gallery is for European-style art.

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