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I'm always number two, no matter how hard I try....


Number Two (ナンバーツー, Nanbātsū) is the sixty-first chapter of the Death Note manga series.


In this flashback scene, the caretaker at Wammy's House tells Near and Mello that L is dead. Mello is shocked while Near quietly comments that L lost his life because he could not solve the "puzzle." Because L has died without choosing an heir, the caretaker suggests that Mello and Near work together to catch Kira. Mello, however, is tired of coming number two behind Near. He decides to leave the orphanage and catch Kira in his own way.

In the present day, Mello's gang asks him why he's so obsessed with the notebook. He answers because he wants to find Kira before Near does.

Back at the NPA headquarters, Soichiro refuses to hand the Death Note over to the FBI agent. The agent gets a call from Near, who orders that he tell Soichiro that they are willing to help the NPA in the investigation. If the Task Force does trade the notebook for the director's life, they will have a chance to retrieve the notebook for themselves. The investigation team agrees to let the FBI help them retrieve the director of the NPA.

However, the kidnappers call Soichiro telling him that the director is dead and that the notebook will now be traded for Soichiro Yagami's daughter Sayu. Light is upset that he didn't see through the director’s kidnapping as a possible diversion.


Tsugumi Ohba said the chapter's title "Number Two" relates to the fact that it is the second chapter of the Mello and Near arc as well as the fact that Mello is (and was always) in second place, with Near ahead of him.

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