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Nishinaka (西中, Nishinaka[1]) is the film director of a movie starring Misa Amane and Hideki Ryuga.


He wears a hat similar to a newsboy hat. He also has black hair and a beard.

In the anime, the director wears the same hat, as well as glasses that hide his eyes. He seems to be older, and has no facial hair.


Nishinaka is first mentioned in a news article that states: "Misa-Misa in new Nishinaka project".[2]

While filming a romantic scene under Nishinaka's direction, Misa protests kissing Ryuga. She informs the director that she has a boyfriend, and requests that all love scenes be removed. The director argues that if that is the case they won't even be able to shoot the movie, and Misa suggests that she and Ryuga just "pretend to kiss". Overwhelmed, the director takes off his hat and sighs, and then announces that they will have a two-hour break.

When Matsuda then approaches Misa with a drink, she states that the director ticks her off.

In other media[]

In the anime, the director sits silently in his chair when Misa complains, and a man who appears to be his assistant responds instead. The director later gets up and approaches Misa, who is sitting with her arms crossed in frustration.


  • The film title might be "Spring Eighteen", as Matsuda tells the Yotsuba Group, and it will be released in spring.

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