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Night is the fourth chapter of volume eleven and the ninety-second chapter of the Death Note manga series.



Near calls and directly asks Aizawa if there are any video cameras that record L and Takada's meetings. He says that there are only listening devices. When Near hangs up, he tells the SPK members that there goal now is to keep L/Kira focused on Lidner and Takada so that they can move in on Mikami.

Meanwhile, SPK member Stephen Gevanni has begun tailing Mikami, but he has not done anything suspicious.

Takada invites Misa over to dinner. During the dinner, with Halle Lidner watching, Misa proclaims that Light truly loves her and that she will announce their engagement during the NHN New Year's special.The chilly dinner conversation ends with Takada leaving the table and warning Lidner not to tell anyone about these events.

Gevanni is on the same subway train as Mikami. Suddenly, a man starts harassing a young girl. With his cell phone, Mikami takes a picture of the man's face. He writes a name on the notebook, and the man dies. Gevanni tells Near and Rester about what he witnessed.


Tsugumi Ohba said that the chapter title "Night," was chosen when he debated whether he wanted the chapter title to refer to Mikami being on the train or to Misa and Takada's dinner. Since he believed that the dinner scenes were "more interesting," Ohba had the title refer to the dinner on the night. 

As for the dinner scene Ohba came up with some other title choices like "Battle," "Cat Fight," Easy Win," and "Rivals in Love." Ohba felt that these titles were "too obvious," so he selected "Night" as the dinner scene takes place at night.

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