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Light How many seconds has it been since you wrote down the first name?
Mikami 35, 36, 37, 38, 39!
Light Well, Near, looks like I win!
Mikami 40!
Opening plays
Matsuda Um, we’re still alive. It’s been over a minute and we haven’t died!
Near Didn’t I already tell you all that no one was gonna die?
Mikami B-bu, but why?! Why won’t they die?! God, I did everything you told me!!
Near Rester, Gevanni! Take him now!!
Mikami Ahhhh!!
Near Gevanni, the notebook, please.
Near If you didn’t believe me earlier, then see it for yourselves.
Near I can confirm that the first four names are definitely the real names of the SPK members. The second four are the names of your team. The only name that hasn’t been written down is Light Yagami.
Light Hmm.
Near If that won’t enough, Mikami also addressed you as ‘God.’ And said he did what you’d asked him to. It settled.
Light IT’S A TRAP!! This whole thing is a setup! This is all part of Near’s plan to frame me!! Isn’t it little odd that no one died after having their name written in the notebook?! This proves it’s a trap!
Near I believe I already told you that no one would die because I modified the notebook.
Light N-no, you … That, that can’t be! … This is a setup. I don’t know this guy!
Mikami Ahh!!
Aizawa Light, it’s too late to deny it. You know Near has won. Just a moment ago, you were saying, “It looks like I win.” How much more of a confession do we need?
Matsuda Light …, why …?
Light Ha!! Stop it! Ahh!
Near Light Yagami, L, Kira, it’s over. You’ve lost the game.
Near Just a moment ago, you proclaimed your victory expecting us all to die. And, to tell the truth, you might have actually won. And I would have lost. We ended up doing exactly what you expected us to, and altered the fake notebook in Mikami’s possession. However, when I said before that we’d modified the notebook, I was in fact referring to the real notebook as well as the fake.
Light Huh?
Near We only switched part of the fake notebook, but, as for the real one, we’ve replaced the entire thing. This notebook here is actually the real one.
Light Huh?! No, impossible!
Near We used the same kind of pen that Mikami used, copied his handwriting perfectly, and made both the inside and the outside of our fake look exactly like the original. Gevanni was able to do it in a single night. Of course, since I had touched the real notebook before coming, I’ve been able to see the Shinigami as well.
Ryuk Oh!
Near It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Shinigami. I’m Near.
Ryuk Ha ha ha!! Nice to meet you, too. My name is Ryuk.
Light He can talk to Ryuk. He can see him so that means it must be true.
Near Some of the edges of this notebook’s pages are torn. Tell me, if someone’s name is written on the ripped up piece of paper, will they still die?
Ryuk Oh yeah. Of course, they would.
Near I thought so. I bet you were able to use that to your advantage. I wonder how many times you deceived with this, and how many people you killed. Light Yagami, you are Kira.
Light Huh, this is gotta be a trick. Or, could it be that Mikami’s betrayed me somehow …?
Near You are mistaken.
Near This was all thanks to Mello. I believe if I explain this much, you’ll begin to understand.
Light What?! Mello?!
Near Please take a look at this page of the notebook.
Light Huh?! Takada’s name is in the notebook!! I was the one who killed her but her death was written there just one minute later! Did that mean Mikami did the same thing I did?!
Mikami God, you told me you couldn’t move freely. I had to make sure Takada was taken care of! Wasn’t that my duty to you?!
Light You idiot! I gave you strict orders not to make any unnecessary movements until today!
Near It’s all true. On the 26th, right after Takada’s kidnapping was broadcast on the news, Mikami went to the bank.
Gevanni I’ve been trailing him. I knew he went to the bank every month on the 25th, so it was odd for someone so methodical to go to the bank twice in two days. I followed Mikami to the bank as he headed for the safe-deposit boxes. It was only at this time that he seemed concerned whether someone was following him or not. I got into his safe-deposit box; inside was the real notebook. Sure enough, Takada’s name had already been written inside it.
Near Do you understand now, Light Yagami? You didn’t realize that Mikami made a move on his own and wrote Takada’s name in his notebook because you had already killed her using a notebook clipping yourself. This was the event that made me consider the possibility of a fake notebook. We were able to stop you thanks to the efforts of one person. It was Mello who did it all.
Lidner Mello probably knew what was going to happen all along.
Mello It can be resolved by having him name written in the notebook?
Lidner That's right
Mello … Well then, if I don’t do it …
flashback ends
Near I bet Mello knew in his heart that, working by ourselves, neither of us would be able to obtain our goal and surpass our mentor L. But, together … Together, we can stand with L!! TOGETHER, WE CAN SURPASS L!! And now, acting as one, we face to Kira who defeated L, and, with solid evidence, beat him at his own game! … Let’s see you try and talk away out of this one, if you can.
Light laughs insanely
Light … That’s right. I am Kira.
mid-episode break
Light And what can you do? Kill me right here? Hear this, I’m not only Kira, but I am also God of the new world! Kira has become law in the world we now live. He is the one who’s maintaining order. I have become justice. The only hope for mankind. Huh, kill me? Is that really the right thing to do? Since Kira has appeared 6 years ago, wars have stopped and global crime rates have been reduced by over 70%. But, it’s not enough. This world is still rotten with too many rotten people! Somebody has to do this!! When I first got that notebook all those years ago, I knew I had to do it. No, I was the only one who could. I understood that killing people was a crime. There was no other way! The world had to be fixed!! The purpose given to me! Only I could do it. Who else could have done it and come this far?! Would they have kept going?! The only one, who can create a new world, is me.
Near NO! You’re just a murderer, Light Yagami. And this notebook is the deadliest weapon of mass murder in the history of mankind. You yielded to the power of the Shinigami and the notebook. And you have confused yourself with a God. In the end, you’re nothing more than a crazy serial killer. That’s all you are. Nothing more and nothing less.
Light Hmm. Useless fools. As if they could ever understand.
Light Near! Here’s some food for thought. That notebook you have and the one that Aizawa brought from the Japanese task force headquarters, are they both real?
Near What is he up to? Is he bluffing?
Light At the moment, only I know where the real notebook is. If you truly want to defeat Kira as well as test the notebook that Aizawa’s carrying, I guess you’re gonna have to write down either my name or Mikami’s. It’s the only way to see if it’s real…. OR FAKE!!
Rester He’s hidden a piece of the notebook!
Matsuda shoots Light before he can write a name in the piece of Death Note in his watch
Light Arrrgghh!
Aizawa Matsuda…
Light MATSUDA YOU IDIOT!! Who the hell do you think you are shooting at?! Don’t screw with me!!
Matsuda What was it all for then?! What about your Dad?! What the hell did he die for?!
Light My Dad?! You mean Soichiro Yagami? That’s right, Matsuda. In this world, all those earnest people like him who fight for justice; they always lose. You want a world where people like that are made to be fools?! I know you understand so kill the others!! Shoot them!!
Matsuda You led your own father to his death. And now he’s gone, you call him a FOOL?!
Light begins writing Near's name using his blood
Aizawa His blood!
Matsuda shoots Light several times, causing him to fall down
Light Arrrrggghhhh!!
Matsuda I’ll kill him. I’ll kill him!! HE HAS TO DIE!!!
Aizawa Matsuda!
Matsuda attempts to shoot Light in the head but is pulled away by the others before he can do so
Light Arrggh, damn you. What the hell is this …? Mikami, what are you waiting for?! Write down their names! Write them down!! (groans), kill them now!!
Rester It’s finally over, isn’t it, Near?
Near Yes.
Light Where are you Misa?! Where is Takada?!
Light Someone … What do I do now …?
Mikami stabs himself with a pen
Mikami (Screams in pain)
Rester Mikami!
Ide Quick!! Stop the bleeding!
Gevanni It’s already too late. He’ll be dead in a few seconds.
Light exits the warehouse
Matsuda Wait, Light!
Aizawa He’s getting away! Light!
Near Mr. Aizawa!
Aizawa Hm?
Near It’s unlikely he has any more pieces of the notebook. And with those wounds, he’s not going to go far. He’ll stop running soon even if we leave him alone.
Aizawa Huh, Near, I’m not gonna follow your orders.
Near Huh? Very well, then, I’ll leave it up to you.
Light runs to try to escape, wounded
Ryuk Well, Light, it looks like you’ve lost. Remember how, in the beginning, when we first met, I told you that I’d be the one writing your name in my notebook. That is part of the agreement between a Shinigami who brings a notebook to the human world and the first human who picks it up.
Ryuk If they put you in prison, who knows when you’d die. And I don’t wanna lie around waiting. So, it’s all over. You’ll die here.
Ryuk writes Light's name in his Death Note
Ryuk It was good while it lasted. We eased each other’s boredom for quite a while.
Ryuk Well, Light, it’s been interesting.