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Near is a main character in the 2015 television drama Death Note. Near is L's successor and joins the Task Force to help with the Kira investigation.


Near is young, described as a child, although their age is not revealed. They have white-blond hair. Near wears loose grey clothes.

Early in the series, Near carries a puppet of Mello.


Near likely has "Other Specified Dissociative Disorder" (OSDD), and while Near acts sweet and kind, their alter Mello is much more impulsive. When Mello is around, Near is willing to "cheat" to win and lets Mello commit violent illegal acts to catch Kira.

Near is fond of blank jigsaw puzzles.


Near was presumably orphaned early in life, and brought to the Wammy's House by Watari.


Initially operating from the United Kingdom, Near calls in with L several times during the Kira Investigation. Both personalities are interested in the proceedings, and almost immediately believe Light Yagami is Kira. Later, after Light loses his memory, they travel to Japan and assist the Kira Task Force in catching Higuchi.

After L's Death, Near is officially designated as his successor and takes over L's headquarters.

Character changes[]

Near never met L in person in the manga, unlike the drama in which Near and L spend a lot of quality time. Near is male in the manga, whereas Near's gender is canonically ambiguous in the drama. Mello is a separate character in the manga who is a rival to Near, but in the drama, his name is used for an alternate personality to Near. Near uses the alias "N" in the manga, but uses the alias "B" in the drama.


  • After taking over L's headquarters, Near brightens the ambient lights to emphasize the white walls.





  1. In the investigation beginning with the Yotsuba arc.