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The National Police Agency (警察庁, Keisatsu-chō) is an agency administered by the National Public Safety Commission of the Cabinet Office in the cabinet of Japan, and is the central coordinating agency of the Japanese police system.



The NPA watching L's broadcast

Unlike comparable bodies like the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, the NPA does not have any police officers of its own. Instead, its role is to determine general standards and policies, although in national emergencies or large-scale disasters the agency is authorized to take command of prefectural police forces. Policy for the NPA, in turn, is set by the National Public Safety Commission.[1]

The Kira Investigation[]

After L deduces that Kira is in Japan, he begins working with the NPA via computer. With it decided that searching for Kira could put police officers in great danger, Deputy Director Soichiro Yagami announces that any officer working on the Kira case has the option to leave the case with no penalty, demotion, or paycut, and most of the officers back out.

The NPA becomes the initial source of funding for the Japanese Task Force, the organization in charge of searching for Kira. After the investigation comes to a standstill, the NPA ceases funding of the Task Force. Shuichi Aizawa returns to the agency, but he enlists NPA resources to aid the Task Force in catching the Yotsuba Kira.


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