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NHN is a news broadcasting corporation. They are chosen by Teru Mikami to represent Kira, and their news anchor Kiyomi Takada is selected as Kira's official representative.


Kiyomi Takada gets a job with NHN after graduating from To-Oh University. By age 24, she has her own program with the network. After Teru Mikami kills Hitoshi Demegawa and ends the TV program Kira's Kingdom, other television networks clamor for the opportunity to represent Kira. Mikami chooses NHN's Kiyomi Takada from among them. Some viewers, including the Japanese Task Force, are confused by this choice because NHN's news anchor Miho Sato once placed first in an in-universe newscaster popularity poll in which Takada placed second.

Near, needing to uncover the link between Takada and Kira, sends Halle Lidner to work as one of Takada's four new female bodyguards. Halle works as a diligent handler who accompanies Takada to both public and private affairs.

Takada is chosen to host NHN's end-of-year Pop Music Festival. Guests stars include actor Hideki Ryuga and Misa Amane. Before the festival begins, Halle and Anthony Rester take Misa into SPK custody, and Takada announces her last-minute withdrawal to a disappointed audience.

Several weeks later, Takada is being greeted outside NHN offices by a crowd of fans and paparazzi when Matt fires smoke grenades from a moving car. In the ensuing chaos, Halle is attempting to escort Takada inside when Mello appears. Halle entrusts him with Takada's safety and has her bodyguards follow them in cars. He slips away from them, and he and Takada are later killed with the Death Note.

Takada's bodyguards corner Matt at a city intersection, where he calmly surrenders and offers information on Takada's abduction. Believing he would not tell them the truth and wanting him to pay for his crimes against Kira, the bodyguards open fire. NHN airs his death live, reporting that his identity is unknown and the bodyguards were forced to shoot due to his dangerous and aggressive behavior.

After Takada's death is announced, other news stations again petition to become Kira's next official spokesperson.


Today's Miss Takada[]

Today's Miss Takada (今日の高田様, Kyo no Takada-sama) is Kiyomi Takada's news program on NHN.


News7 (ニュース7, Nyūsu7) is a news program that delivers accounts of current events. When Kiyomi Takada is kidnapped, it broadcasts news of the attack on NHN and her disappearance. It also shows footage of Matt's car riddled with bullet holes and is how Mello learns of Matt's death.


In other media[]

Film series[]

In the live-action films, NHN is left out entirely, and Kiyomi Takada instead works for Sakura TV.