You can't expect everything in this world to follow your rules.

— Ms. Mikami ("Coincidence")

Ms. Mikami is the mother of Teru Mikami. She appears only in a flashback of events that detail her son's childhood.


Ms. Mikami's entire face is never clearly shown. While she appears to be wearing a wedding ring, she is said to be a single mother. She also has shoulder-length black hair and wears a light-colored long sleeve shirt.


Ms. Mikami appears to be a caring mother and is shown to be concerned for Teru's well-being. After Teru comes home with bruises on his face, she attempts to talk him out of confronting the bullies at his school due to his frequent injuries.


Ms. Mikami understands her son's sense of justice, but told him that it would be silly to be hurt so much in order to defend others. Teru believed that she was wrong and unrighteous, and he eventually began to deny her very existence.

When Teru is in junior high school, his mother dies in a car accident that kills three boys from Teru's school who were bullies. He is initially upset by his mother's death, but Teru quickly dismisses it, feeling glad that three of his enemies are dead from the car accident and seeing his mother's death as retribution for her idleness in the face of evil.

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