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We could change the world.

— Mia Sutton

Mia Sutton is a main character in the Death Note. Mia is a high school student and classmate and girlfriend of Light Turner, and she helps him after he finds the Death Note.

Character changes[]

Mia is based off the character Misa Amane, and significant changes were made to her character:

  • Misa's name was changed to Mia Sutton instead of Misa Amane.
  • Mia works much more with Light and takes much more charge, sometimes even killing without his knowledge.
  • Mia is less interested in Light and seems to be more attached to him due to the power he wields, and later on she seems to take on the more manipulative role in the relationship, a complete reverse from the original anime.


  • Mia: We can change the world.
  • Light Turner: Look at those people.
    • Mia Sutton: They're a bunch of sheep.
  • Mia (to Light): I saved you... from yourself again. Because every time things get hard, you leave me to do the real stuff.