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Misa's Song (Misa no Uta) is a song that appears in the Death Note anime and is sung by Misa Amane prior to L's death. In some dubs, the song is sung by whomever Misa's voice actress is for that language, whereas others use Aya Hirano's vocals from the original Japanese version of the song.

The dubs that don't include a translated version of the song and instead settle for Hirano's vocals include the German, French, Cantonese, Tagalog, Hungarian, Greek, Brazilian Portuguese, and Barcelonian Spanish dubs. (There are possibly other dubs which do this, but so far, these dubs are the only ones where this was verified to be the case.) The Russian version has a partial voiceover of the original Japanese.

"Misa's Song" appears on the Death Note Original Soundtrack III three times. There is one track with vocals, a piano version titled "Misa's Song (Piano Solo)," and an orchestral version titled "Misa's Song (Orchestra Version)."


Japanese version[]





でも 全部わかってしまったら


Ki o tsukete, kami-sama wa miteru.

Kurai yomichi wa te o tsunaide kudasai.
Hitori de tooku ni ite mo,
itsumo mitsukedashite kureru.

Shitteru koto wa
zenbu oshiete kureru.
Watashi ga oboete nakute mo,
nandodemo oshiete kureru.

Demo zenbu wakatte shimattara
dou sureba ii no? [1]

Literal English Translation

Since God is watching, be careful;

Please take my hand in the dark night-time streets,
Even when I'm far away by myself, you always find me,
You teach me everything you know,
Even when I don't remember, you tell me over and over.

But when I know everything, what should I do then?

English Version[]

Be careful what you do,
'cause God is watching your every move.
Hold my hand in the dark street,
for if you do I know that I'll be safe.
Even if I'm far away and alone,
I can be sure that you'll find me there.
This I know.

You draw me close for a while, so quiet.
You tell me everything.

If I forget what you say,
then you come to me and tell me again.
Yes you'd tell me once again.

But what happens when I know it all?
Then what should I do after that?
What then?

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