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Midora (ミードラ, Mīdora), alternatively Meadra, is a Shinigami who is only featured in the Death Note One-Shot Special.


Midora is a salamander-like Shinigami with a long tail. She is light green with dark spots on her head, dark yellow eyes, and a large, crooked smile. Death Note 13: How to Read states that "because of her size, her tail, and her spotted body, she is well-known in the Shinigami Realm." She has a pair of green, reptile-like wings.


Midora does not appear to be as serious as Rem, but she is also is not as ditzy as Sidoh when it comes to current or past affairs in the Shinigami Realm and Human World. This is demonstrated by her laissez-faire attitude about giving her spare Death Note to a seemingly foolish person whose identity is never revealed, named C-Kira, or Cheap Kira, by Near.

Midora develops a liking to bananas similar to Ryuk's love for apples. In the last panel showing C-Kira, Midora is eating a banana while surrounded by banana peels. In line with her salamander-like appearance, Death Note 13: How to Read states that she likes humidity and dislikes dryness.


In the story, Midora bribes the Shinigami King with thirteen apples taken from the Human World in exchange for a spare Death Note she can drop on Earth.

When the Shinigami King obliges, Midora goes to the Human World and gives the Death Note to a human, who comes to be called C-Kira. C-Kira makes the eye deal with Midora and uses the Death Note to kill those who wish to die. Midora returns to the Shinigami Realm after Near's speech to the public, in which he called C-Kira an "abominable murderer." When Midora meets Ryuk in the Shinigami Realm, she states that C-Kira "let out a squeal" and wrote their own name in the Death Note. Ryuk tells Midora something that Light Yagami once said: "A human must have strong spiritual strength and conviction to use the Death Note properly."

Midora offers the note to Ryuk, who accepts and searches for a new owner in the human world for four years. He eventually chooses Minoru Tanaka.


  • In the anime, Midora is shown briefly during the first title sequence in a group shot with several other Shinigami resembling a picture seen in Blanc et noir.
  • Midora's name is given as "Meadra" in the original Japanese version of Death Note 13: How to Read, and as "Midora" in Viz's English version.