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What they want... is a god. So let's give it to them.

— Light Turner

Light Turner is the main protagonist of the 2017 Netflix film Death Note. After finding the Death Note, he teams up with classmate Mia Sutton to rid the world of criminals as the vigilante known as "Kira."


Light is a teenager with light frosted hair. He is first seen with a sweater and a coat.


Light is an average high school student with a very high intelligence and very good academic abilities. He isn't above breaking school rules, such as doing other students homework for pay. He has a strong but warped sense of justice.


Before Light found the Death Note, Light's mother was ran over and killed by Antony Skomal. Skomal walked away a free man and Light grew apart from his father, James.


Light is working on other students math homework when his stares at classmate Mia Sutton from afar. It then starts to rain when an ancient looking notebook falls beside Light. Light looks at the notebook and sees it is labeled "Death Note."

Character changes[]

Light has some very significant changes to his character:

  • Light's name is changed to Light Turner instead of Light Yagami.
  • Light's intelligence is toned down and is now an average high school student.
  • Light lives in Seattle and not in Japan.
  • He is far more tragic and sympathetic than his previous counterparts, being depicted as less ruthless and having experienced past trauma such as the death of his mother.

Behind the scenes[]

Light Turner is played by Nat Wolff. Wolff was 21 when he acted as Light.


  • Some changes to this version of Light bring him closer to Light Yagami from the 2015 drama:
    • His mother dies before the events of the story, driving a wedge between Light and his father.
    • Light has a more average intellect, and he has no problem breaking school policies.
    • Light is more emotional, screaming when he first sees Ryuk. Ryuk is also more knowledgeable of the Death Note's rules, and explains some of them to Light.
    • The Death Note facilitates his relationship with Mia.


All the people who make life miserable... who make life dangerous... what if we could change things?

— Light Turner