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You can invest your life in something, and it might make you money, but it won't necessarily make you happy. As long as I can feed myself and spend my days in peace and stability, that's all I need. Or so I thought.

— Light Yagami (Episode 1)

Light Yagami (夜神月, Yagami Raito) is the main protagonist of the 2015 TV Drama adaptation of Death Note. After finding a Death Note, he decides to use it to rid the world of criminals. His killings are eventually labelled by the people living in Japan as the work of "Kira" (キラ, Kira).


Light is a young Japanese man, standing at above average height with dark-brown hair and brown eyes. As the series progresses, he wears increasingly dark and less colorful clothing (usually black shirts & pants).

He's considered to be quite handsome, a trait noted by Misa Amane & Sayu Yagami, among others.


Light is extremely non-ambitious, and his above-average intellect is mostly unused at the start of the series. He isn't above skipping class but strongly believes in the rule of law. While he initially reacts to the Death Note with horror and tries to throw it away, he grows to rely on and covet it over time.


Light grew up wanting to be a police officer like his father, but when his mother was dying in the hospital and his father couldn't be with the family because of his work, Light no longer wanted to be like his father and their relationship became strained.

By the start of the series, Light is an average college student who works part-time at a pub. He wishes to become a civil servant and shuns the idea of becoming a police officer.


Finding the Death Note[]

On July 2015, Light Yagami is first seen at an Ichigo Berry concert. It's Light's first time attending, which he did because Kamoda invited him, and Light enjoyed it. After the concert, Light needs to get to work, so Kamoda goes to the pub where Light works to hang out. While there, Kamoda's high school bully Genbu Sakota arrives and threatens him. Light tries to intervene but there isn't much he can do except stay close by for emotional support. As Kamoda and Light walk home later, Kamoda is still shaken, and Light is still angry. Sakota runs them off the road with his motorcycle and threatens Kamoda openly, demanding cash to be delivered the next day. Light tries to stand up for his friend, but Sakota steals Light's phone and leaves. Kamoda remains on the ground, holding his knees in fear.

After he and Kamoda part ways, Light finds the Death Note while walking home. When he gets home and reads the rules, Light writes down Sakota's name, and the next day he discovers that the Death Note works. The next time Light sees him, Kamoda is much more relieved.

Kamoda later tells Light about the man who murdered Misa's parents. This leads Light to look up old news articles and find Nishida Kyu's name and kill him. At the next concert, Misa tells the audience that something wonderful happened and someone protected her heart, referring to Kira killing her parents' murderer, but she doesn't expressly say that. Afterword, Kamoda asks Light what he thought Misa meant, but Light pretends not to know either.

The FBI Agents & Misa Amane's Fated Death[]

Ryuk happens to see Misa's lifespan and tells Light that she's fated to die soon.

Surveillance Camera[]

As Light arrives home, he finds the doorknob of his bedroom (which is usually lowered by a few millimeters) is strangely at the very top. Not only that, but his bluff, a piece of paper, was strangely put back in his door. This has Light believing that L has installed surveillance cameras and wiretaps within his room. Light then bribes Ryuk with apples, asking him to find where the surveillance cameras are.

Light reveals he has hidden scandalous magazines and proceeds to browse through them in order to give off the impression to L that he is a normal teenager, and that the magazines were what he was hiding all along. During dinner, L has a message appear on TV, stating that the ICPO has dispatched 1500 investigators to Japan to investigate Kira, but Light sees through this bluff.

When Light is about to study for his upcoming entrance exams, he has placed a snippet of the notebook and a mini-LCD TV within a potato chip bag (which contains a flavor which only he out of the rest of his family prefers). While studying, whenever Light places his hand in the potato chip bag, he actually checks for criminals' names using the mini-TV then writes down their names. The main idea is that L would see that criminals have died which Light could not have possibly see, being busy in his room, studying. With this trick, Light manages to kill two petty criminals.

For the next few days, Light proceeds to kill more criminals, petty or not, in order to cover up the fact that petty criminals have died solely while he was studying.

Eventually, the surveillance cameras get removed and Light plans on finding L through his father.

Meeting L[]

Light meets L at the Suginami University, who offers him a potato chip bag and challenges him to a game of tennis to build a psychological profile and they do so, nearly evenly matched. During the tennis game, both of them ponder strategies. Light comes to the conclusion that L asked him to play tennis in order to lay the groundwork for future meetings which will essentially be tests; Light also plans on confirming that Ryuga is L with confirmation from the Task Force.

The 2nd Kira[]



Light accepts L's offer to join the investigation team to hunt down Higuchi, who has taken up the mantle of Kira. During the investigation of Yotsuba, Light works under the alias "Light Asahi".

The End of L[]

Light instructs Misa to find her buried Death Note, which results in her regaining her memories.

L asks Light to come to an unknown warehouse so that he can explain how the Death Note truly works & expose Light as Kira without the Task Force involved.

The Kidnapping of Sayu Yagami & Losing the Death Note[]

Getting the Death Note back & The Final Battle[]


Light meets his brutal & agonizing end when Mikami committed arson in the YB Warehouse after they were exposed by Near/Mello.


"I killed... two people. I killed them... I'm sorry, Dad." (Episode 1)

Lind L. Tailor: "Justice always wins."
Light: "No it doesn't. No it doesn't, that's why Kira was born!"
Tailor: "Kira, I will destroy your childish plans."
Light: "You think the police can do something like this? You can't! You haven't made a dent in the criminal population!"
Tailor: "Do you really think you're needed?"
Light: "It's making people happy. It's saving a lot of people. That's what Kira does! The things you can't do... Kira can do!" (Episode 1)

"Our feelings are the same. I will do it. I will change the world! Ryuk. Let's make a trade. I'll trade you for the shinigami eyes! I'll do whatever it takes! The things no one else can do... So please... please... please! Ryuk!" (Episode 11)




Character changes[]

Light receives major character changes in the Japanese drama. At the beginning of the series, Light is an average college student who works part-time at a pub. Light wishes to become a civil servant and shuns the idea of becoming a police officer. He is also a fan of Misa Amane, and he regularly attends her concerts. He is far more prone to emotional outbursts compared to his manga counterpart, often crying when he feels cornered by L.

Due to his decreased intelligence level, Light proves to be much less competent as Kira than his other counterparts. For instance, instead of mining data about the Kira Investigation from his father's computer, Light simply asks Matsuda or his father about details pertaining to L and the investigation. His plan to kill Raye Penber and the FBI agents is also botched when the latter sees through the plan.

Over time, however, this incarnation of Light adopts more traits from his manga counterpart, becoming more ruthless and demonstrating a cerebral side to his character. By episode 6, Light's plans demonstrate intricacy that is close to his level of intellect in the manga. Nevertheless, Light continues to periodically act carelessly on his emotions and this leads to his eventual capture by police. He is eventually killed in a fire set by Teru Mikami in a failed attempt to escape arrest.

Behind the scenes[]


  • Some changes to this version of Light bring him closer to Light Turner from the 2017 film:
    • His mother dies before the events of the story, driving a wedge between Light and his father.
    • Light has a more average intellect, and he has no problem breaking school policies.
    • Light is more emotional, screaming when he first sees Ryuk. Ryuk is also more knowledgeable of the Death Note's rules, and explains some of them to Light.
    • The Death Note facilitates his relationship with Misa.



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